Blindness epidemic intensifies in wake of Nyad’s swim

see no evil


It’s hard not to obsess about this.

It’s not as bad as the Elian tragedy, but this news event digs its claws into the raw incurable wound left behind by Elian.

Latest Google news page count:  10 solid  pages of Nyad when one searches for Cuba.  Worse than yesterday or the day before.

Current ratio on first 11 pages:  70 Nyad stories/ 4 on Cuba / zero on repression

Remember, what the Buddha doesn’t see doesn’t happen….. Lo que el Buddha no vé no pasa

1 thought on “Blindness epidemic intensifies in wake of Nyad’s swim”

  1. Cuba is effectively a non-issue, since practically everybody except “those people” is fine with its status quo, just as they’re fine with “those people” being offended and dumped on time and again. We’re not a “proper” minority and Cuba is not South Africa. Our problem is that we keep expecting things to be fair, consistent, honest and decent. They’re not, never have been and won’t be. The world is full of shitty people, and we’re not going to change that. All we can do is our best, ourselves, and we should NOT depend on the kindness of strangers–if we get it, great, but we shouldn’t expect it. Of course reality sucks, but it is what it is.

    Also, to be fair, a big reason for all the fuss over Nyad’s mega-assisted “feat” is that the public is a sucker for this sort of thing and the media knows it and takes advantage of it. The media will run with absolutely anything and beat it into the ground as long as it can squeeze some benefit from it. It’s simply a business decision. Celebrity rubbish (and it’s all rubbish) is a perfect example. The media knows it’s stupid, inconsequential crap, but they still go with it because it pays. They’re not about to “spoil” a story like Nyad’s with stuff nobody wants to hear or cares about, no matter how germane it may be, and they know they don’t have to worry about offending us because that’s perfectly OK and totally “normal.” Again, if the media even in Miami is all agog over Nyad and expresses no objections or reservations about this slap in our face and insult to so many of our dead, how can we possibly expect any better from the media elsewhere?

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