For Your Consideration: The Lesson to be Learned from 2012

I do not want rehash the 2012 election, exactly, but to point out something VERY important the American people, who are so easily manipulated by the MSM must keep in mind in the coming mid-term and the 2016 elections … and beyond. We give the MSM and the opposition only as much power over the truth as we allow them. Clearly many in this country have decided it is all above their own “pay-grade” to think and look for themselves, and are perfectly happy and comfortable just turning over all the power to and allowing political compaign/debate remarks and information to the democrat party/talking-heads and the willing and agenda-drive media lack of vetting to present counterpoints and/or facts. This must be countered hard in the next elections. The uninformed voters in this country have screwed things up for all of us, and we have to demand our side and the correct facts and information are no longer mowed-over by the democrats and the MSM.

Now then, while Mitt Romney was/is not everyone’s first and best “conservative” choice in the GOP race, and no matter what you did/do think about Mitt Romney, the man has very good and experienced instincts and would not bet a highly successful businessman if he did not. (Although, he did drop the ball on his own 2012 campaign.)

Here is an interesting reflection on Mitt Romney’s foresight during the 2012 presidential campaign, and the claims and predictions he made then, and where we are today in the nation and in the world. Was Romney right … about everything?

And yes, we must use evidence such as this to smack political opposition up-side-the-head in the next election(s).

Bonus from The DC: “FLASHBACK: Biden accused Romney of wanting war with Syria”


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  1. The MSM will admit its guilt as soon as the NYT admits its guilt for Herbert Matthews. These people are corrupt to the bone.

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