Stand with Sayli Navarro in Cuba

Via Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter:

Stand With Sayli: Young woman expelled from university for defending human rights
In Photo soldier who squeezed my chin said: “Girl, you saved yourself today I have my uniform on.”

“Do not forget that the secret of peace is based in the respect for human rights. In Cuba we yearn so much for it, and that is why we continue in the struggle.” – Sayli Navarro, over twitter September 5, 2013

Today over twitter Henry Constantin revealed that “Sayli Navarro was expelled from her university in Matanzas, Cuba for her political attitude.” He then went on to ask, “if you know of similar cases, tell me. We have to do something.”

This first part, the expulsion of Sayli, was news and people of good will need to denounce it and call for her readmission to complete her academic work. The expulsion took place in 2009. In a 2011 interview Sayli described what happened:

Two years ago I was expelled from the university. I was completing the third year of a degree in Law in one of the university campuses that the Ministry of Higher Education enabled in the municipalities when I was expelled for passing a training course in journalism in the United States Interests Section, sponsored by Florida International University.

However, the question Constantin raised about other cases was surprising.

There is a long history of Cuban youths being denied entry to university or into particular disciplines for their parents religious or political beliefs alone. It is systematically considered in a student’s academic record along with their own political attitudes.

Henry Constantin was himself expelled from university for being an independent blogger in 2011.

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