Che Guevara Humidor (made in France)


Elie Bleu “Che” Cuba limited and numbered Edition – 110 Cigars

‘The heroic warrior’ ‘immortalized by Alberto Corda. Shadow puppet of the greatest picture in the world. 110 cigars humidor in dyed figured sycamore. Flag and portrait in Marquetery. Limited and numbered edition from 1 to 256. 2 Humidification systems and 1 Hydrometer.

Elie Bleu is a well-known French maker of humidors. Not only will these humidors keep your cigars in prime condition for later consumption they are works of art in their own right.

Could anything be more perfectly French? Hailing a “Heroic Warrior!” who upon finally meeting armed and determined adversaries whimpered: “Don’t Shoot! I’m Che! I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”


And could anything be more perfectly Polish (probably the most courageous people in the modern history of Europe)

Poland ‘to ban’ Che Guevara image

Polish Insurgents_8.Warsaw Uprising4257257418

2 thoughts on “Che Guevara Humidor (made in France)”

  1. Looks like cheesy junk you’d find at a garage sale in California, even apart from the desecration of the Cuban flag.

  2. Ah France, the hub of so much leftism, pathetic preponderance, and petulance. A land so rich in sissies and arrogant jackasses (good food though, exceptional).

    Resented losers and cretins around the world have consumed the tyrannical, mass murdering, and good for nothing jerk of Che as some sort of Bob Marley with a rifle. I am sure there are kids still thinking he was some rock musician from the 1960/70s.

    All Cuba represents to the left is a propaganda tool, an anti-capitalistic/yankee fairytale, the one Castro wrote for himself, and that’s all these fake humanitarians want it to be no matter how fraudulent. The national destruction, the unpardonable realities of the Cuban tragedy, and how it all affected Cubans in their own nation are the least of their interests and the last thing they want divulged, the humanitarians…

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