Seeing Red

I’m seeing red these days.

I’ve seen red up close. And I hate red.

Red took over my island home way back in the day when Red was called the “Soviets.” Now that they can’t afford to control Eastern Europe at gunpoint anymore and have had to retreat back behind their frigid borders, they’re just called Russians.

They’re a truly exceptional people these Soviets Russians. They excel at brutality, oppression and conquest…and drinking. Form 1917 on, their chief export and contribution to humanity was exporting lies, hate and misery throughout the world. They succeeded in taking the incoherent thoughts of a failed, class envious “philosopher” and spinning them into a Godless system responsible for the deaths of 100,000,000…and counting. Truly exceptional! But, hey! That was back when they were Soviets, now they’re just plain Russians…totally different.
With the help of their equally exceptional opportunistic disciple, [f]idel, the Soviets Russians brought their exceptionalism to my home where they roamed around in hideous green trucks that looked like Tonka trucks from Hades, like they owned the place (because they did). They bankrolled their bearded puppet so that he could oppress, starve and torture us Cubans into submission. They put a big red, nuclear bull’s eye right on top of my home town out of spite and hate. They bankrolled our suffering and we paid them back in blood in places like the Congo and Angola…and the Florida Straights.

And, why?  Because they were in a “struggle,” (the reds love that freaking word, struggle), against an idea. That idea, did not come from a smelly slob of a “philosopher” who sponged off his family and friends all his life. It came from The Creator. It’s the idea of free will; freedom. And they recoil from that idea like a demon from holy water, the Soviets Russians do.  That idea  is the shining light on the city that the man who once called the Soviets Russians an Evil Empire was referring too. And it is that idea of God given freedom and equality that they were struggling against. Imagine that.

And now one of these Soviets Russians has me seeing red. Vladimir Putin Soviet Russian president for life and  ex KGB thug wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, the Grey Red Lady, decrying American Exeptionalism … still “struggling” against the exceptional idea of The Creator. Ironically his dismissive missive was published in the pre eminent newspaper of the very same country he’s criticizing which is … exceptional. Anti –Putin criticism, even sophomoric satire is not permitted in the Soviet Union Russia just ask the members of Pussy Riot or Konstantin Altunin.

American exeptionalism is not like the imperious, Godless, nationalistic  Soviet Russian “exceptionalism” I experienced in Cuba. It’s about an idea, a sacred idea, enshrined in a 237 year old document that created a nation which took the responsibility and sacrifice to keep that idea alive and shine the light of free will and self determination to the rest of humanity. Now, that’s a struggle.

Americans, of course, are not perfect. Exercising free will and democracy can get messy. Sometimes we elect ourselves leaders who think they are the embodiment of American Exceptionalism and that makes it easy for would be Soviets Russians emperors to poke fun at us. But that’s ok, sometimes we get it right. What’s important is that there are 314 Million of us who are not nationalistic or jingoistic or even think we’re better than anyone else. There’s 314million of us who feel is our obligation and our God given right to protect an idea. Soviet Russian presidents for life can’t understand this because all they understand is the brutality and autocracy inherent in their zero-sum nationalistic world view.
Okay… now I’m seeing Red, White and Blue.

God Bless America.

2 thoughts on “Seeing Red”

  1. Love it Gusano, it’s very keen and truthful, but with the exception of this –

    “Sometimes we elect ourselves leaders who think they are the embodiment of American Exceptionalism and that makes it easy for would be Soviets Russians emperors to poke fun at us.”

    If only that were true. Obama despises such American exepcionalism and any mention of it from his part is solely rooted in narcissism and manipulation. Let’s not forget Rev. Wright, all his anti-American communist friends, the apology tours, etc.

    Americans are making fools of their own damn selves. At no point is this more obvious than when a “would be Russian emperor” ends up being more truthful, effective, and nationalistic than an American president.

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