Former Cuban spy on Castro regime’s ongoing plan to harm the U.S.

Tell us again, oh you erudite and all-wise “Cuba Experts,” how Cuba’s Castro dictatorship is not a threat to the U.S.

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

Former Spy: Cuban Espionage Seeks to Damage U.S. National Security

There’s a great interview in Diario las Americas with Edgerton Ivor Levy, a former Cuban intelligence agent and member of the infamous WASP Network of spies, who cooperated with the U.S. authorities to dismantle this espionage ring.

While we always hear about the so-called “Cuba Five” — the five members of the WASP Network who received the longest prison sentences — there were over 27 suspected spies in the network.

Many successfully fled to Cuba prior to their arrest, while seven other arrested members, cooperated with the U.S. authorities and got shorter sentences.

In the interview, Ivor Levy explains the mission and objective of Castro’s spies:

The real objective of Cuban espionage in the United States is to penetrate and influence the various spheres of government, the military, academia, the media and social organizations. The cases of Ana Belen Montes, the Cuban spy at the Pentagon, and the couple, Kendall and Gwendolyn Myers, who for 30 years gave State Department secrets to Havana, proves the determination of the regime to damage U.S. national security.