A huge blunder

By Enrique Del Risco in Enrisco (my translation):

“I’m a reformist trapped in the body of a revolutionary.”
A huge blunder

Silvio says:

“I think Robertico made a huge blunder when he chose an event for the liberation of The Five to make public his list of complaints. I would have preferred him to do that at another concert, on an album, in a different place, because I consider the struggle for the liberty of The Five a sacred flag for the Cuban people that is way above all other considerations.”

Along the same lines he could have said:

“I believe that the Commandant [Fidel] made a huge blunder in choosing to attack the military barracks during the annual carnival. I would have preferred him to do that on another day, in a different place, Antartica for example, because I consider the Santiago carnival to be a sacred flag for the Cuban people and way above any other considerations.”

For some reason, he hasn’t.

2 thoughts on “A huge blunder”

  1. “flag” is too literal. He meant to say “sacred cause.” This SOB is beyond abject, but I suppose he figures he’s so deep in the shit that he might as well go all out. No doubt he’s got “Plan B” all set up outside Cuba in case the “revolution” folds.

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