Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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This year’s White House Proclamation to commemorate National Hispanic Heritage Month includes the following language:

“Whether our ancestors crossed the Atlantic in 1790 or the Rio Grande in 1970 …”

What are they talking about? Just on September 17, 2013, we celebrated the 226th anniversary of our Framers’ signing of the U.S. Constitution in 1787. So, how could our ancestors have crossed the Atlantic in 1790? Were the Framers of the U.S. Constitutions extraterrestrial aliens? Don’t tell me someone messed up the Hispanic Proclamation!!

In addition, are Hispanics considered only those who crossed the Rio Grande? What about all those others Hispanics who came from Cuba, Puerto Rico, and other countries in the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain?

I’m confused. Didn’t our ancestors come over from Spain in 1492? Moreover, we celebrated a very important event in the history of our Nation in April 2013 — the 500th anniversary of Don Juan Ponce de Leon’s landing in Florida. I would think that this important feat would have been mentioned in this year’s proclamation.

I think that someone needs to take a crash course immediately in the history of Hispanics. But, more importantly, I think that someone should show more respect to Hispanics and to the contributions that they have made to our Nation.

See: http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/09/13/presidential-proclamation-national-hispanic-heritage-month-2013

8 thoughts on “Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month”

  1. I was watching a program NOT on Hispanic Heritage Month, but rather on LATINO American Heritage Month [which is how they call it now] on PBS, and instead of being uplifting, it was all victimology and full of racial politics. True, the Mexicans did have their land stolen from them as the American settlers who were invited to go to Texas by the Mexican authorities forcefully took the lands, but instead of moving on, it was this constant drumbeat of victimology. Naturally 95% of the program was on Mexican-Americans, but they spoke briefly about Cuba and specifically Jose Marti. The impression one got from seeing this program is that Jose Marti hated the United States, because of all the social injustices in the USA in the 19th century. NO doubt, he was aware of injustices in 19th New York with all of the exploitation of immigrants and racism back then…, but that was not at the core of this writings. What PBS did was to go along with the line of thought commonly projected by the castro regime wherein Marti is an anti-american as castro himself.

    Nowadays, you cannot mention a LATINO without talking about victimolgy, poverty and racism. Why celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month if its all about doom and gloom? How about something more upbeat?

  2. So they lost some land, big deal. So did Colombia, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Germany, Korea, you name it. Hell, we Cubans lost an entire country to communism and all they, the “latin brothers”, do is exploit our misfortune.

    That said, I really don’t know why they then think that Americans will care about their bitching for land lost 170 years ago. Does Mexico, a country filled with poverty and vast corruption, really deserve that much consideration and size? Granted, that land was “theirs” because Spain left it that way, not because they ever developed it.

    Furthermore, if we are to talk development Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay are better off per-capita than they are despite being next to USA (so were we). Mexico may have a big economy but Australia has roughly the same GDP with only 1/5th of Mexico’s population.

    Then the question is, what have Mexicans done with the land they have. I really do not understand the logic of crying such lost when they risk their lives to leave Mexico and enter USA illegally in the millions. If California was still Mexico’s then they would be jumping a wall into Oregon.

    Enough of so much bullshit and the groups of eternal victims. All that this flock of utilitarian, shameless, demagogue serving, and ignorant shitheads will do is continue degrading USA with the very third-world leftist mindset that degrades their nations (Institutional Revolutionary Party for 71 straight years anyone? Just change “PRI” with Democrat Party) – with the biggest shitheads being the Americans for permitting it.

  3. “Victimology” will continue and escalate as long as it pays and relieves people of responsibility for their own issues–which it does. Maybe Cubans should declare themselves victims of “Latino” collusion with Castro, Inc. and demand compensation. Sheesh.

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