“LIBERATION!” Che Guevara-style (says Richard Branson)


Above is the motto Branson used for his Che Guevara advertising ploy.

But Che Guevara caused an enormously higher percentage of deaths among the people he and Castro “liberated” than the Nazis caused among the French they enslaved and tortured with the SS and Gestapo.

Hear me out:

According to the Cuba Archive Project, headed by scholars Maria Werlau and the late Dr. Armando Lago, the Castro regime—with firing squads, prison tortures, forced-labor camps and drownings at sea—has caused an estimated 100,000 Cuban deaths.

According to the Harper Collins Atlas of the Second World War, Nazi repression caused 172,260 French civilian deaths during the occupation.

France was nation of 42 million in 1940. Cuba was a nation of 6.5 million in 1960. So punch your calculator for proof.

On top of the above: Che Guevara helped convert a nation with more TV’S per-capita (the top media innovation of the time) than France into one with fewer cell-phones per-capita today than Papua New Guinea.

Branson signed the Rolling Stones to his Virgin label. Their music was once outlawed by the regime Che Guevara co-founded

So only on the other side of Alice’s Looking Glass would an advertising ploy like Branson’s work. Which is to say: it works quite effectively in most of the world except for a few microscopic enclaves in south Florida.

Let’s face it: Branson’s a businessman and this was an effective advertising ploy. Most of the folks he’s targeting probably “got it.” So once again, amigos. What we have here is a serious failure to communicate (what happened in Cuba.)


2 thoughts on ““LIBERATION!” Che Guevara-style (says Richard Branson)”

  1. I’m sorry, but Branson’s too ugly to go out in public. With his money, he can damn well afford a face transplant. Looks like a mutant.

  2. The only objection to this stunt by PC types is that it dishonors Che, just as their only objection to Diana Nyad’s stunt is that she may have dishonored rules of her sport. Nobody “correct” cares about or gives any importance to how either stunt dishonors Cuba and the Cuban people. That is simply not an issue and not on the table. Even the Miami media wouldn’t touch Nyad on that score. Now I hear the current pope has declared he’s no right-winger. It’s amazing: fashion victims everywhere.

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