Military personnel sent to place barbed wire around home of opposition member in Cuba

More of Cuban dictator Raul Castro’s “reforms.”

Via Punto Cuba (my translation):

Castro sends military personnel to place barbed wire around home of an opposition member who hung a sign on her residence
A menudo los opositores usan sus viviendas para expresar su opinión sobre el gobierno.
Opposition members often use their homes to express their opinion of the government.

Members of the opposition have denounced the government for placing barbed wire around the windows and doors of their home to prevent them from leaving their residence. The act took place after they hung a protest sign on their home denouncing the Cuban people’s precarious situation. Damarys Moya from the Cuban Network of Community Communicators denounced the act today from Santa Clara.

The act took place on September 17th when members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and the Department of State Security (DSE) were sent to the residence. In addition to placing barbed wire on the doors and windows, they organized an act of repudiation employing paramilitary personnel and threw tar at the home.