British tourist, lured by ‘low crime’ Castro propaganda, murdered in Cuba

The crime of murder unfortunately happens in all societies be they free or oppressed. It is a heinous crime that I believe is borne more of human failings than societal failings (see Genesis 4). But when a society is promoted as being “low crime” and almost utopian, that it has come close to conquering the human propensity to harm others, it can lure the innocent and the ignorant into a false sense of security.

Such is the case in Cuba. The Castro dictatorship has spent more than a half-century promoting Cuban society as a perfect society, a workers’ paradise where everyone is equal and everyone holds hands singing Kumbaya. In reality, Cuban society under the tyrannical yoke of the apartheid Castro dictatorship is a brutal place. A society where the ruling class brutally and violently oppresses the masses with liberal doses of torture and assassination. That has led to a society where human life has little value as everyone struggles to feed, clothe, and shelter themselves. A society where too many citizens have no qualms inflicting harm on another person if that act can provide them will a little comfort or eases the pain of their miserable existence.

Nevertheless, the Cuban dictatorship and its allies in the media and academia continue to propagate the false image of a “low crime” Cuba. It makes the dictatorship look good, and more importantly, it helps drive tourism to the island. Tourists like Lara Jones, a British teacher who thought she was vacationing on the Castro regime’s highly touted low-crime island. Instead, this young lady ended up murdered in her Havana hotel room, and it took the press more than a year to finally report this heinous crime.

Via The Telegraph:

Teacher who visited Cuba due to ‘low crime rate’ strangled in hotel room

A young British teacher, who travelled to Cuba after being advised it was a haven for female tourists, was ambushed and murdered in her hotel room in an apparently motiveless attack.

A young British teacher, who chose to visit Cuba because of the country's

Lara Jones, 26, who was a highly experienced and cautious traveller, was attracted to the Caribbean island, by its boasts of enjoying the lowest crime rate in the Western Hemisphere.

But the linguistics graduate was strangled and smothered by a security guard who crept into her room at the former convent where she was staying in the Cuban capital Havana.

Her body was discovered by a maid and a hostel worker who became concern when she failed to turn up for an organised trip the following day.

The guard was arrested and later admitted the murder but has refused to give an explanation for the attack.

There was no sign of any sexual assault and nothing was missing from the room.

Details of Laura’s death, which occurred in March last year, emerged for the first time at an inquest, which heard how she “loved life and lived it to the full”.

Miss Jones, from Preston in Lancashire, had been educated at the privately run Westholme School for girls in Blackburn before graduating in linguistics at University College London then working as a teacher at EC London English Language School.

She was an accomplished skier and experienced traveller and in 2011 had spent several months in South America teaching English to local students.

She spoke Spanish and Portuguese fluently and had travelled extensively through Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, and Chile.

On January 4 last year she travelled to Mexico, before flying on to Cuba for a six day visit before she was due to return home.

Her family said she had planned her trip carefully with safety and security very much at the forefront of her mind.

Miss Jones had researched Cuba using the UK government website and various travel guides and was encouraged by reports of low crime.

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5 thoughts on “British tourist, lured by ‘low crime’ Castro propaganda, murdered in Cuba”

  1. Place the blame squarely on the UK government. Instead of posting an advisory on crime in Cuba, it did the opposite on its website and encouraged visits to Cuba by citing the regime’s self-serving stats claiming low crime in the totalitarian country.

    This is not the first time that a tourist from Spain, Canada or the UK has had serious problems inside the tyranny, whether its being rounded-up and thrown in prison like what happened to Jean Paul Gautier and Pedro Almodovar when they were arrested in a raid at a Gay Club [despite Mariela’s claims that Cuba is a gay paradise] in Havana, or tourists who have contracted Dengue Fever or any hosts of other scams and robberies that occur on a daily basis. Wasn’t there a Canadian who was unjustly thrown in prison recently?

    But alas, it seems that the urge to protect the regime reputation is stronger than the urge for Canada and Europe to protect its own people. So, don’t expect any advisory on their gov’t websites any time soon.

  2. None of them care about how many hundreds of thousands of Cubans Castro’s communist regime has killed and continues to kill when they carelessly finance it with their touristic stay (as if the stalinist dystopia was a theme park) – so moving on. Yet, great promotional piece for Castrolandia.

    If one sees this case individually it is sad, if one sees it in the broader scheme of things there is nothing to be sad about other than Cuba’s exploited misfortune. While Castro Inc. clearly continues to slave and ruin a nation into rubble, all that these foreign sh*theads care about is that the communist regime keeps their hotel’s air conditioners working, the Wi-Fi connection up, and that the breakfast at the lobby be of capitalistic or high ranking communist official standards while they laze with their Che t-shirts through a place where people are NOT PERMITTED to cross Che, freely install air conditioners, have internet/cable, nor have a capitalistic style breakfast. That said, fu*k them.

    The complicitness of the free world has been the main contributor in prolonging Castro’s long overdue and aberrational regime into a post-soviet profit.

  3. This could conceivably have happened anywhere–but quite probably, if she’d gone someplace in the UK or Europe (where she wouldn’t have been materially supporting totalitarian tyranny), she’d still be alive now. I’m certainly not saying she deserved to die for vacationing in Cuba, but what she was doing was morally indefensible and totally unnecessary. There are countless far better tourist destinations than Cuba. And yes, to be fair, the most immoral and indefensible tourists to Cuba are, alas, Cubans themselves.

  4. “And yes, to be fair, the most immoral and indefensible tourists to Cuba are, alas, Cubans themselves.”

    Very true but they do not represent the source of the millions of millions of dollars that pour in through those hotels each year.

  5. Cuban Americans are the worst offenders, specifically the Cubanoids–recent arrivals–that as soon as they set foot in the USA, start planning their vacation in Cuba. To see them at Miami International Airport with bags ripping at the seams stuffed with appliances, clothing, and all assortment of nicknacks is vomit-inducing. No wonder people don’t take us seriously. So, I agree with Asombra, the most immoral are the Cubans that go back. Though, I wouldn’t even say immoral, these people are frivilous, indifferent, tacky and simply have no principals. They don’t care about castro or Cuba, simply because they don’t have the intellectual capacity to struggle for a cause. These trashy people live to eat, sleep and have sex. This is the trash that fidel castro has produced. They are no different than the trash that you might find in some ghetto in NYC or Detroit, or some trailor park down South.

    As for the foreigners that go to Cuba, these people are really confused. They have no idea of Cuban history. I’m sure that to that unfortunate, deceased British girl, pre-castro Cuba was no different than any of England’s former Caribbean possessions run by absentee landlords and full of black slaves. She probably believed that castro changed all of that. Unfortunately, this is the brainwashing that is pervasive everywhere. This is what people–many of them probably well-meaning people–believe, because they read it in textbooks, learn it in school, hear it on tv programs, watch it in documentaries and see it in Hollywood. It’s a tidal wave of lies.

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