“Cuban Day Parade” and its meaning

Living New York City is quite an experience and in many ways. Among the daily activity that are occurring 24/7, is the disability to find a parking space. It seems that there is some obstruction and mainly because there is construction going on all the time. But that’s not all that hampers parking, there is the complete or partial street closures that are flooded with bulky over-equipped tractor trailers. These major parking obstructions are due to a “Movie Shoot.” Last Friday the 20th, I sort of bumped into one that was in the process of preparation. The crew members in charge strategically placed a line of cones the day before and posted signs. I pulled over for a moment and where I would not stop the flow of traffic. It was really the only place I could hold for a moment but where the advance notice was situated and taped onto a parking sign. It was the making of a film named “Cuban Day Parade” (Click on image above to enlarge).


It was a very small film shoot with two trucks involved only and concentrated in front of historical building located off the corner of 78th Street and 5th Avenue. There was no filming outside when I passed by on Saturday the next day, it looked rather empty and insignificant. I searched online with the information listed on the posted signs and there was absolutely nothing concerning a film named “Cuban Day Parade.”


The building where the filming was taking place is named the James B. Duke House. It is now controlled by NYU (New York University) and has been renamed to the Institute of Fine Arts, learn more here. That’s basically all the information I was able to gather, this must be a film in its initial stages and this location could be just a small part of it. I’m sure more will surface about it in the near future, lets hope it benefits the anti-Castro Cubans in Cuba and the rest of the world. As for Cuban-Americans, these sort of projects here in America usually end out to be pro-Castro propaganda. They will keep a keen eye on this particular film, especially with the extraordinary weight the title attached to it carries. What could a title, “Cuban Day Parade,” possibly stand for? Most likely, it will not be what ANY anti-Castro Cuban would imagine it to be.

“Cuban Day Parade” as I would picture it to be, would consist of an enormous non-stop, one-month celebration in the streets of both Cuba and Miami immediately following the official announcement of the Castro regime’s collapse. What a scenario, can you imagine that? “Cuban Day Parade” should only apply to and only be associated to the biggest celebration ever! For a matter of fact, the term itself should be patented for future use and only be used for the purpose of celebrating the end of the longest dictatorship the world has ever known. Can you imagine it?

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  1. Cuban Day Parade refers to the first Sunday in May when a parade line runs on 6th Avenue from 44th Street to Central Park South celebrating Cuban-American culture.

    But I imagine it and any parade ever will be eclipsed by the celebration we’ll see when the brothers Castro fall.

  2. Yes jsb, you are correct, that’s the “official” name but we always referred to it as the “Cuban-American Parade.” That’s how it should be called. The goal of these parades in NYC are to show a token of appreciation by giving those refugees/immigrants a day in the sun so they can celebrate/share their heritage and culture. It’s not even about their independence either, so there’s that misconception when they celebrate it in May. Cuban Day Parade should not be used, in my opinion but again you are correct. The Cuban Day Parade should be the independence of the Communist rule of the Castro brothers.
    By the way jsb, on that Saturday September 21st, they actually had a parade and it passed right by the movie shoot on 5th avenue, it was the “German-American Steuben Parade,” celebrating German tradition and great achievements by German-Americans.

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