First, it’s pythons in Florida, now it’s this, in New Jersey… and Paris


Blame it on the Castro brothers.  They are out to get us gusanos, wherever we congregate and pose a threat to their hegemony.

First, they unleashed pythons in La Sauguesera, South West Miami.  Now they’re seeding the waters of North Jersey and Paris with emasculating fish.

Why Jersey?  Why Paris?

Because the second largest concentration of Cuban exiles is in Niuyersi.   And because the exiles in Paris pose the greatest threat imaginable to the Castro royal family. (Exiles from Castrogonia in Paris are the equivalent of atheists in a church).

So, cubiches in exile, beware…  your neck of the woods might be next.

Testicle-eating fish related to the pirahna is caught in NEW JERSEY lake weeks after it was found in France

A New Jersey pensioner hooked a massive surprise this weekend when he reeled in an exotic fish notorious for reportedly killing men by ripping off their testicles from a public park’s lake.

When 77-year-old Tom Boylan caught the 10-inch fish on Saturday he was struck by how much it looked like a piranha and took it home and stored it in his freezer overnight.

The next day he visited a local aquarium and was told the fish was in fact a pacu, known as the ‘Ball Cutter’, the pacu has reportedly been responsible for the deaths of two fishermen in the Pacific, who died from blood loss after the fish had bitten off their testicles.

‘I would say ‘shocked’ is a good way to describe how I felt,’ said Boylan about the moment he reeled the fish

Although part of the same family, the pacu has thicker, sturdier teeth that resemble human ones, unlike the piranha, which is renowned for its deadly serrated incisors….

…The Pacu, was recently discovered to have found its way into the Seine river in Paris.

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