Cuba: Castro mafia moves to tax more sectors of Cuban black market

Since its inception, the “revolution” of the Castro dictatorship has operated like a mafia. This well-armed band of organized crime figures have basically taken over an entire island nation and everyone is forced to work for the Castro brothers, the crime family bosses. If you live outside the island and want to do business in Cuba, you have to go through the crime family and pay them their exorbitant cut. If you live in Cuba and want to do business, you have to go through the crime family and kick up a large portion of your profits to the crime boss. Everyone on the island is forced to pay protection to the Castro mafia by giving up about 95% of the wages their labor earns and if you do not comply, you quickly receive a visit from some “enforcers” who will extract payment from you one way or another. And if you dare to do business and make money without permission and without giving your cut to the mafia Dons, the consequences can be and often are deadly.

Therefore, I find it amusing how the Castro mafia’s latest operation to crack down on Cubans who are trying to do business outside the crime family is being described as “reforms.” In reality, all the Castro mafia is doing is reigning in the growing black market on the island that produces cash outside its reach. The “legalizing” of certain black market activities is not creating new business or jobs in Cuba. Those people have been operating and earning cash for years if not decades in the shadows. Instead, these “reforms” are nothing more than an attempt to generate new revenue streams for the apartheid dictatorship of the Castro mafia from an already existing and previously untapped source.

But hey, lets not allow the truth to ruin a perfectly good euphemism.

Via The Miami Herald:

New Cuban regulations open, close opportunities for private jobs

Cubans can now work as real estate agents, handymen, soap makers and 15 other types of “self-employed” jobs. But they cannot sell machine-made clothes, or profit from the resale of items purchased at state stores.

Those twin announcements Thursday seemed to reflect the Raúl Castro government’s vacillating efforts to open up Cuba’s Soviet-styled economy enough to rescue it from the doldrums, but not so much that it loses control.

A report in the official Granma newspaper said the government approved 18 new categories of “self employed” jobs, bringing to 201 the types of private economic activity that are allowed by the government.

The new jobs include real estate agents, builders, wholesalers of agricultural food products, cellular phone repairmen, metal casters, repairers of measuring instruments, bed and breakfast bookers and makers of shoe polish, tints and marble goods.

They join the list of 183 categories of jobs already permitted, from electrician to welder and barber to party clown, palm tree trimmer, animal trainer, mule driver and operator of children’s fun wagon pulled by pony or goat. There’s no mention of wagons pulled by full-grown horses.

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