Self-appointed emissary to Castro Kingdom disappoints the news media


The predictable outcome of Jesse Jackson’s latest trip to the Castro Kingdom seems to have surprised the journalists who were paying attention to his putative mission of mercy.

In other words: Jesse Jackson was denied the chance to trade alan Gross for the four imprisoned spies who are known as the  “Cuban Five.”  He also failed to have any impact on negotiations between the government of Colombia and the FARC terrorists.   And these failures are being reported as something unexpected.

What these crack reporters fail to cover is perhaps more significant than what they report.  Above all, they fail to raise essential questions: Who appointed Jesse Jackson to the role of mediator?  Who is paying for his trip?  Why should they be paying attention to this charade?

From ABC News (USA)

Jackson Ends Cuba Trip Without Gross Meeting

The Rev. Jesse Jackson ended a four-day visit to Cuba on Monday without getting to visit a U.S. government development subcontractor who is serving a 15-year sentence in the Caribbean nation.

The civil rights activist said he had requested access to Alan Gross of Maryland, but island authorities told him it couldn’t be arranged in time.

“I certainly inquired about him. No American can come here in good conscience and not ask about him,” Jackson said. “I would hope we would maintain our vigil in trying to gain his release.”

Gross was arrested in 2009 while importing restricted communications equipment as part of a U.S. government-funded democracy building program. He was accused of spying and convicted of crimes under a statute governing crimes against the state.

Gross says he was only setting up Internet networks for island Jewish groups and posed no threat to Cuban sovereignty.

Jackson told reporters Monday that Gross had been visited recently by U.S. diplomats.

Cuba, for its part, demands the return of four of its agents who are still serving long prison terms in the United States. One of the “Cuban Five” was paroled in 2011 and returned to the island earlier this year.

Jackson arrived in Havana on Friday for unrelated talks with emissaries of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, about Kevin Scott Sutay, a former U.S. soldier taken prisoner by the guerrillas as he was hiking through Colombian jungle in June.

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  1. “Jackson told reporters Monday that Gross had been visited recently by U.S. diplomats.” Uh, shouldn’t the reporters know that already? Sheesh. Poor Jesse. Past his expiration date, and Castro, Inc. is no longer terribly interested. It wants something fresher, like Mr. and Mrs. Z. Sic transit gloria mundi, or something.

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