ObamaCare is starting to look like “la zafra de 10 millones”!

My mother said this about Obama in 2008:  “Este tipo habla mucho….como Fidel”.

I guess that Cuban mothers know best!

Our mothers have a good eye for charlatans, don’t they?

In 1970, Fidel Castro, the self appointed “experto de todo” in Cuba, challenged Cubans to a “zafra de 10 millones”:

“Workers were exhorted to participate in this gargantuan effort through a massive propaganda campaign.  All means of communication were devoted to the dissemination of the official rallying cry: “The Ten Millions Go” (Los Diez Millones Van).

A popular music group achieved almost immediate fame, echoing the government’s slogan by identifying themselves as Los Van Van.

The government controlled media, mass organizations, schools, and work centers were used to convince the population that the harvest represented another battle. The nation was encouraged to win this battle through discipline, sacrifice, and self-denial.

Yet, the miscalculations, mismanagement, censorship, emphasis on moral incentives, massive mobilization of unskilled workers to the cane fields and lack of sober planning led to the failure of this inordinate effort.

It is estimated that at the end of the 1970 harvest more than one million people had worked in the cutting, loading and transporting of the sugar cane.

The concentration of all resources and energies into achieving a ten million-ton sugar harvest also had adverse effects in other production sectors of the economy, with the exception of rice, fish, and eggs.   Economic dependence upon the Soviet Union increased.

The cutting and milling of planted sugar cane that should have been reserved compromised the success of the 1971 harvest.  In 1971 domestic consumption of sugar per capita was rationed to two pounds a month in order to meet export obligations.

Turning the harvest into the sole objective of every productive center, agency and mass organization, in the end, promoted the disorganization of the entire society.

It also contributed to further consolidate the on-going militarization process.  The total social and economic cost caused by the 1970 harvest may never be properly measured.

Although the goal was not achieved (the 1970 harvest only reached 7,558,569 tons) the harvest occupied the lives of the Cuban people for an entire year and passed into history under the name of “The Ten Million Ton Sugar Harvest”.

“La zafra” failed because “los azucareros”, the people who had managed Cuba’s very successful sugar industry for decades, were in Miami, in prison or not listened to.

We are learning today that ObamaCare is one gigantic mess.  Once again, we see that no one listened to those who knew a thing or two about health care or designing software.

CBS has an amazing report about the computer problems behind ObamaCare. The best part of the report is an interview with a software consultant who said that “he’d be embarrassed” to put out something like this.

Watch the video here:

The amazing thing is that The White House was aware of these problems but nevertheless went ahead with the release date.

Industry experts warned The White House that the computer was not ready, much like sugar industry experts warned Castro that a “10 million harvest” would not work.

My guess is that the Obama administration is 24/7 political enterprise devoid of any economic reality or critical input.

They didn’t listen to reason or people who warned several times that ObamaCare was not ready for prime time, lunch time, morning time, weekend time or any other time!

Like Castro and the “zafra de 10 millones”, Obama did not listen to the people who were warning him about the problems.

Like Castro and “la zafra”, Obama put ideology over common sense in the pursuit of a goal.

Castro never got his “zafra de 10 millones” but his irresponsible pursuit of the goal wrecked the Cuban economy and increased the island’s dependency on the USSR.

Wonder if ObamaCare will meet the same fate?  Wonder what damage this mindless pursuit of ObamaCare will have on our economy today and tomorrow?  We already know that it has had been a job wrecker so far.


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