Un-Lucky 13: 135 democracy activists arrested in latest Sunday of repression in Cuba

It was not a Lucky 13 for Cuba’s courageous democracy and human rights activists as the latest tally shows that 135 of them were violently arrested by Castro State Security thugs during the 13th consecutive Sunday of repression on the island.

Via Uncommon Sense:

Cuban human rights group: 135 activists arrested Oct. 7, 2013, while trying to attend Sunday Mass

Repression, in all its forms, is part of everyday life in Cuba.

But for the past 13 weeks, the Castro dictatorship has saved some of its worst behavior for Sundays.

Each Sunday, it has gotten worse, as the regime’s police forces and other goons have targeted members of the peaceful oppoisition — including women and men who only want to go to Sunday Mass in peace — with arrests, beatings, harassments and other “acts of repudiation” designed to make the dissidents cower in fear and in silence. That the regime has had to increase the pressure on successive Sundays is clearest evidence of how that is working out for the tyrants.

By the numbers, the Hablemos Press news agency/human rights monitor has a closer look at how bad it got this past Sunday:

  • 135: The number of activists arrested across the island for trying to attend to attend Mass, including 49 members of the Damas De Blanco, or “Ladies In White,” and six female members of the Cuban Patriotic Union. The 81 men detained are members of various opposition groups.
  • 46: The number of activists arrested in Havana.
  • 37: The number of activists arrested in Colon, in Matanzas provice, which has beared much of the brunt of the increased repression on Sundays.
  • 10: The number of activists arrested in Santa Clara.

Of course, Sunday is not the only day when it gets especially bad in Cuba.

For example, on Tuesday, 60 activists with the Cuban Patroitic Union were detained during a gathering in Santiago de Cuba.