North Korean dictatorship follows Castro plan, seeks to lure tourists… (but pretends it is benefiting its own people)


Kim Jong Un has proven himself an apt pupil of his Caribbean cohorts, the Castro Royal Family.

Never thought you’d live to see the day when North Korea built ski resorts and water parks?  Well, you are in for a surprise.   Maybe you can even book yourself a trip to North Korea and pull a Denis Rodman act while you’re at it, and pal around with the dictator at the Rungna People’s Pleasure Park in Pyongyang?


Please notice that the North Korean Ministry of Truth is promoting these decadent attractions as facilities that their own citizens will enjoy — something its Castronoid counterpart has never done.  The Castro dynasty unabashedly builds plush hotels, golf courses, marinas, etc… strictly for tourist consumption, with no pretense about the real customers they want to attract.

So, it seems that North Korea is tweaking  the Castronoid playbook.  Now, perhaps, the Castronoids will follow suit, and begin pretending that all the luxury resorts are for Cubans?   If they fake “privatization” why not do the same as North Korea with their tourist attractions?   Wait and see….

Imagine photos of Cubans enjoying any of the tourist facilities in Castrogonia!


From The Daily Mail, a rare article featuring no bikini-clad starlets, cute animals, rare diseases, horrific murders, or mutilations:

It sure LOOKS like a fun place to be! North Korean charm offensive shows country as the leisure capital of the world
* Pictures released by the North Korean state press agency show locals having fun at theme parks and swimming pools
* Authorities have introduced a new ‘leisure drive’ in a bid to ‘energise and mobilise’ the country’s populace

Carefree and beaming with joy as they make their way around the lazy rapids sat on an inflatable ring, these two young girls look like they are having the time of their lives at the water park.

With high colorful slides towering above the horizon in the background, it could be a scene from any thronged tourist attraction on a holiday island in Greece or Spain.

The sinister presence of soldiers dressed in full military regalia lurking around in the background is the only giveaway that this is in fact North Korea – a land not exactly renowned for it’s laid back, fun-filled atmosphere.

The pictures – released by a state news agency – are the latest attempt by Kim Jong Un’s propaganda machine to convince the rest of the world that the secretive communist state is a wonderful place to live.


The country is often portrayed as an isolated and poverty stricken state with one of the lowest living standards in the world.

But these pictures show Koreans at play – splashing around at the Munsu Water Park in the nation’s capital, watching a 3D film, playing tennis and enjoying a ride on the bumper cars – in a bid to show that the country isn’t all about military might.

But most North Koreans will never be able to afford to set foot in places like the luxury ski resort….

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