America, She Doesn’t Work for You

However, she sure as heck doesn’t seem to have a problem cashing her paychecks, spending her expense account, or getting her primo healthcare from us.

This entire administration is governing without the consent of the governed. Nor do they believe they need it. Because shut-up.

1 thought on “America, She Doesn’t Work for You”

  1. Sebelius doesn’t work for us, but neither does Valerie Jarrett, who has more clout and might as well be Obama’s Rasputin–and VJ definitely can’t be fired because she was never officially hired to any post by anybody. It’s all a stinking crock of shit, but a majority voted for it, twice, and those voters are not likely to fly right in future. Degeneracy is what it is, but it never sees itself that way, which is part of the problem.

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