Quote of the day – Keep the embargo on Cuba’s Castro dictatorship

Via Diario De Cuba, Ladies in White leader Berta Soler told Vice-President Joe Biden that the problem in Cuba is the Castro-communist system, not the embargo (translation by Capitol Hill Cubans):

“I asked for the embargo to remain in place, for that isn’t the problem in Cuba, the problem is the system.”

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day – Keep the embargo on Cuba’s Castro dictatorship”

  1. Yes, I was sent because Obama has no interest in validating you. You see, you are anti-communist and you have a lot to say about it. If only your cause helped push our populist and divisive leftist agenda here, you being black and all. Have you seen how he drives any opportunity into racial territory? I am sorry, that’s right, you don’t have cable, media, or internet in Cuba to see such things. I hope you understand, Obama wants to preserve his main base and those foreign donations that come from all leftist. I tell you, that Venezuela made it rain during the first election, oh baby…

    Anyhow, let’s pose for a quick photo-op so that it looks like we suddenly give a crap after 53 years of ignoring and protecting the result of our disastrous two-faced CIA miscalculation, betrayal, or whatever the hell that was. We just did the same to Egypt but the Egyptian military gave us a big “go fuck yourselves” at the end. Do you want something to eat? Come, you are going to eat like Castro today…

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