Maduro still trying to turn Chavez into Christ




Just when you thought Maduro could not top his last foolish announcement….


Maduro claims that Hugo Chavez’s face mysteriously appeared on subway tunnel wall

A ghostly image of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has appeared to workers digging out a new subway tunnel in Caracas.

The South American strongman’s successor, Nicolas Maduro, claims a portrait of the 58-year-old who died from cancer in March revealed itself at 2 a. m. earlier this week.

A workman managed to take a photograph of the “apparition” on his cellphone, El Universal reports him as saying, before then vanished.

Maduro, who took control of the country in April, made the bizarre claim at a town hall meeting Wednesday.

 The 50-year-old told the crowd: “Look at this figure that appeared to the workers, it can talk to them … a face … who is that face?”
Maduro said he was inspecting excavation works on the city’s new Metro Line 5 when one of the workmen showed him a picture.

He told the President they “were working, and all of a sudden it appeared here … a figure.” Maduro claimed the worker was able to take the snap before it disappeared from the wall.

“So just as it appeared, it disappeared, so you can see … that Chavez is everywhere. We are all Chavez,” Maduro added.

More HERE, including a video.

5 thoughts on “Maduro still trying to turn Chavez into Christ”

  1. I’m sorry, but this is too much, even for the Latrine world. I mean, PLEASE get this moron some meds or put him away someplace where he won’t make such a public spectacle of himself. This idiot is worse than Evo Morales, which is saying something. If you want to know why nobody takes Latrine America seriously, look no further. And btw, I wouldn’t call Maduro foolish. He’s borderline retarded at best. The Castro people didn’t seize upon him for nothing; they knew they had a live one. What a freak show.

  2. Caballeros, hay que ser comemierda. Y pensar que terminamos siendo nosotros la meca de esta basura, joder…

    Asombra, the ones making the biggest public spectacle of themselves are those in the audience cheering and clapping – the entire left for that matter. Maduro, like most speakers and more so the fraudulent ones, is simply adjusting to the audience. Let them be, let them be for the world to see, let them intoxicate themselves with their own falsehood and bullshit, the more the better.

    Despite how much I despised Chavez I always admitted that part of me would miss the son of a whore given how much of a buffoon he was. Few are those that I wish dead yet make me laugh at the same time. Had he only been a radio comic. That said, let’s give it up for Maduro, he’s carrying the torch in unadulterated leftist fashion and not disappointing with the blatantly shameless and ridiculous. Furthermore, unlike Chavez he doesn’t have that charismatic falsehood that leftist (a.k.a ignorants and imbeciles) value over facts and logic, so even better.

    If it wasn’t for Cuba’s misfortune (one that pertained to another era and different circumstances) and how these cretins are being used by Castro to prolong his long overdue tyranny, boy would I be buying popcorn and enjoying the show.

  3. Even if Maduro were just playing to the audience, we’re still talking seriously pathetic people. This is way beyond embarrassing.

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