Most offensive and politically incorrect Halloween costume of all time


Aaaaayy!  Dios mio!!!!  Add up all of the politically incorrect elements in this costume and your head might explode.

In Highland Park, Illinois, a very affluent and overwhelmingly white suburb of Chicago, which also happens to be very Jewish,  an African-American high school student shows up at school dressed in a Jesus Christ costume.

Much too funny.  Implosion time for America’s stifling culture of correctness.

What does this have to do with Cuba?  Use your imagination.

From The New York Daily News, the finest newspaper in the universe:

Boy dressed up like Jesus Christ temporarily kicked out of school

Marshon Sanders was booted from class for dressing up like Jesus Christ on Halloween. Highland Park High School eventually let him wear his costume, but Sanders’ mom wonders whether seeing a ‘black Jesus’ was the problem.

Jesus rose up and walked…straight to the principal’s office.

An Illinois teen was pulled out of class for wearing a Jesus costume for Halloween.

Marshon Sanders stepped into Highland Park High School Thursday morning wearing a white toga, red sash, a giant cross necklace and a crown of thorns.

His seventh heaven lasted just 15 minutes into first period.

“I was taken down to the dean’s office,” the senior told WGNTV, still wearing his Jesus wig. “She said my costume was offensive and that I was promoting religion, which wasn’t my intent.”

The student was first asked to remove his crown, his crucifix and then his entire costume.

According to the school’s Halloween dress code policy, students are prohibited from wearing costumes that portray a “religious stereotype.”

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3 thoughts on “Most offensive and politically incorrect Halloween costume of all time”

  1. But of course. If someone black is involved, regardless of the case, assume racism. It’s so easy, so convenient, so “normal”–you know, like jerking your knee when someone taps your kneecap. It’s practically Pavlovian. But don’t assume anything like lack of discernment, poor insight, or lack of sense (which obviously is not that common). Those things are too white or conservative or something, certainly not properly “progressive.” It may well be that neither the kid nor the mother (who presumably saw the costume before he went to school with it) could do the math here, but really, this is just sad.

  2. Couldn’t the idiot in the toga have worn a cloth/rope belt and dropped the socks and shoes? Or did he want to look stupid? Sheesh.

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