Nueva Yor’: Bienvenido, compañero…Welcome to Latrine America!



New Yorkers, prepare for life in the Third World.  A majority of your voters has elected far-left wingnut Bill DeBlasio as mayor.  Bill the Super-Correct.  Czar of Progressivism.  Redistribution of wealth is the first priority.

Your teeming masses, who once yearned to breathe free and claim their share of the American Dream, now simply want their slice of the Big Apple Pie.

Yes, much of Manhattan and a small patch of Hipster Brooklyn are beyond the reach of the middle class, and  your sordid outer boroughs are a thorough disgrace, ugly as sin.  But wealth redistribution won’t fix your problems, clean your Augean stables, or make the lives of your have-nots any better.  Soon enough, you will be remembering September 11th 2001 as a nice day, in comparison with the desolation into which Super-Correct Bill will lead you.


Prepárate, Niuyor,  or Nueva Yor’, or whatever your immigrants and natives call you:  Henceforth, you will have more in common with Cuba, Venenozuela, Nicarrrragua, Ecuador, Peru, etc. etc…. otherwise known as Latrine America…. than with New Jersey, right across the Hudson.

Among other things, Bill will probably sign a law requiring every New Yorker to pronounce the name of the country of Nicaragua the way all progressive liberals do, with lots of trilled r’s: Nicarrrrrrrrrragua.    After all, that was the mark of a true progressive back in the 1980’s.   And you will also be fined if you call the land of Salvador Allende “Chili” instead of “Chill-eh.”

Yes, Joysey voters made a much better choice.  Watch out for the one-way traffic on the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels and the George Washington bridge.

Disaster awaits you.  Back to the squalor, crime, and dysfunction of the 1970’s or worse.  And there ain’t nothin’ you and ’70’s avenging angel Travis Bickle can do about it now, save to swim over to Joysey.

Offshore banks, prepare for the new accounts.


Travis Bickle: "You talkin' to me?... You talkin' to me?.."
Travis Bickle: “You talkin’ to me?… You talkin’ to me?..”

Here is what the finest newspaper in the universe — the Daily Mail (UK)– has to say about this sudden transfer of the Big Apple to Latrine America:

There’s a new Mayor in town! De Blasio becomes first Democrat to lead New York in 20 years as city prepares for era of higher taxes.

Bill de Blasio romped to a landslide victory as New York mayor tonight, becoming the first Democrat to hold the position in a generation.

The victory heralded the beginning of a new liberal era of higher taxes and plans to concentrate his efforts on the poorer boroughs that critics say outgoing Mayor Bloomberg has neglected in favor of Manhattan.

De Blasio, a 52-year-old Italian-American from Brooklyn and the city’s former public advocate, had led strongly throughout election day against his Republican rival Joe Lhota, former chief of the metropolitan area’s transit agency.

‘Today you spoke loudly and clearly for a new direction for our city,’ de Blasio told a rollicking crowd of supporters at the YMCA in his home neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, a far cry from the glitzy Manhattan hotel ballrooms that usually host election night parties.

More on this disaster HERE.



6 thoughts on “Nueva Yor’: Bienvenido, compañero…Welcome to Latrine America!”

  1. “Italian-American.” On his mother’s side, but German-American on his father’s. His actual name was Warren Wilhelm, till he changed it. But of course there was no political calculation involved. Perish the thought.

  2. The left is composed of opportunistic/dishonest son of bitches and useful idiots. Facts and logic have no place in the mind of the latter, they are cult material used by the former.

    One has to either be an utter idiot or totally shameless to support the Cuban backed Sandinistas during the ’80s in the name of “democratic socialism”. Below is the face of the proud Sandinista supporter who just became mayor of USA’s economic capital, you decide in what category the socialist falls. Oh, a look at his facially pierced daughter might also help the analysis.

  3. NYPost blog commenters are telling the tale beneath the article on DeBlasio and his family doing ‘the smackdown dance’, a feral exercise in primitivism designed to send a signal to the rats ‘open season on decent citizens’. No doubt our many ‘partners in prosperity’ around the globe caught this dance and saw the symbolism.

    The daughter has a bullet pierced into her forehead? Charming. The son’s afro has been described as ‘Angela Davis’ style or ’70s afro-porn star’. Either way, it makes a statement.

    You know what’s telling about his bushy-haired photo from the 80s? The hippie-dipster era was long gone by then, the Reagan Era was in full swing, and yet this one with his dirty hair, sly eyes, and scurfy beard looked like something from 1968. Same thing with his president love idol, they’re out of touch, compleat misfits.

    Cozying up to the Sandinistas, swanning around soviet union during a spike in the Cold War, honeymooning in Castroland? What’s not to like? What could possibly go wrong?

    Horrible. New York can look forward to the 70s and all the joy of that lovely, absolutely lovely era.

    A friend and lifelong army aviator well said it, ‘that was very dark period both for the nation and for many of us in our own lives as well.’ Which is precisely why these leftist communist rats are pathologically obsessed with regressing us to that putrid, rancid, era.

    Perhaps with raul castro grooming alejandro as successor, deblasio can anoint raul as NYC secretary of commerce.

    The smackdown dance. Good grief. How can people be so blind to what’s plainly before them?

    asombra – yep, he changed his name because according to him his father was not nice to him and/or took off. Some sons do indeed have cruel fathers, but their name is still their name. This one is a professional Victim, and he’s about to wreak havoc on New York City.

  4. Referring to DeBlasio’s election, this below is from yesterday’s NYTs:

    News Analysis
    In New York City’s Sharp Left Turn, Questions of Just How Far
    Published: November 6, 2013

    “To be as left wing as possible is a great opportunity,” noted Dan Cantor of the Working Families Party, a labor-backed coalition that has taken the role of the left-wing mouse that roared in city politics.

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