Brazil: Soccer club overrun with orders for shirt with face of Cuba’s infamous butcher, Che Guevara

Because nothing says I am an insensitive and ignorant ass more effectively than wearing a shirt with the image of a cowardly psychopath who viciously murdered hundreds of people.

Via the Toronto Sun:

Brazilian soccer club’s Che Guevara jerseys selling fast

A Brazilian soccer club has won fans and commercial success with a new strip featuring the face of Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

Madureira, a third division team from Rio de Janeiro’s gritty north side, put Che’s famously bearded face on their seven-a-side shirts to commemorate a tour of the island they made 50 years ago.

The goalkeeper’s jersey is designed exactly like the Cuban flag.

The new maroon outfield designs, featuring the shadow of the revolutionary’s image, have not yet been used in an official match, but they are already a huge hit with fans.

Sales have rocketed from the usual 10 a month to more than 3000 in the weeks since it was launched.

“The factory can’t keep up with demand,” Madureira’s president Elias Duba told Reuters.

“It’s taken on a whole life of its own.

“I wasn’t going to have the big team use them, but all the attention has convinced me otherwise.”

The club chose to honour Che, the Argentine-born revolutionary who helped Fidel Castro to power in Cuba in 1959, after playing five games there in 1963. Che met the players at their hotel in Havana and was at the last game of their unbeaten tour, Duba said.

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1 thought on “Brazil: Soccer club overrun with orders for shirt with face of Cuba’s infamous butcher, Che Guevara”

  1. If it sells or it’s popular enough, they’ll keep pushing Che, as will others. Besides, it’s an eminently Latrine move. Hell, even Mercedes Benz tried to use Che as a marketing tool, and those people are light years beyond the likes of Maduro and Evo Morales (of course, they also went for Hitler back in the day). Anyway, this is perfectly par for the course and so “normal” that it’s boring: same old, same old. Yes, it remains disgusting and contemptible, among other things, but we should be very used to that. Lord knows we have enough experience with this kind of shit.

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