Where did all those Che Guevara quotes in English come from?

http://hfontova.com/images/header4.gifWe are always happy to see others expose the real Che Guevara by using his own words. While many continue to venerate Guevara as some type of romantic revolutionary, Che’s own words show him to be what he truly was: A racist and  homophobic cowardly killer who liked to murder men and children when they were bound.

But as happy as we are to see the real Che Guevara exposed, it is important to note that these quotes in English were virtually nonexistent until a few short years ago. It was one person who painstakingly went through Guevara’s writings and diaries written in Spanish and meticulously translated them into English. Those translations in turn were reviewed by editors and attorneys to ensure they were done correctly and in context. The man who did all of this was our very own Humberto Fontova.

If you want to read the original translations of El Che’s most despicable and diabolical tirades, Humberto’s book, Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him, is the place to go. It is from here where all those Che quotes in English come from since no one else had taken the time to translate them into English.

Unfortunately, the internet is not conducive to common courtesy and Humberto is rarely if ever cited for the quotes. But at least now you know where all those Che quotes in English came from.


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  1. Don’t get us wrong here at Babalu, amigos. Your humble servant here wasn’t asking for anything like royalties for heaven’s sake…just maybe a link to the original source or a friendly high-five or a courteous atta-boy. A common courtesy that Babalu relentlessly follows with EVERYTHING we post.

  2. Your quotes have spread through the net via blogs, emails, social sites, and word of mouth so frequently, that I suspect many have no clue of their origin. As you can see from the share count above, this post will clarify for many. You swarm amigo!

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