October tourist statistics for Castro Kingdom: about 1% below last year



Here’s the monthly chart of shame.   

Can moral turpitude be measured?   Sure.  The list above does that, very well.

Anyone who visits Cuba as a tourist is complicit in the Castro regime’s enslavement of the Cuban people.

And we all know that Cubans themselves and a growing number of Americans also contribute substantially to the income derived from tourism.

Unfortunately, figures for visitors from the U.S.A. are excluded, since “people-to-people” junkets and family visits by Cuban “exiles” fall outside the Castro regime’s definition of “tourism.”

As ever, Canadians top the list, at nearly one million thus far in 2013.  They account for nearly half of all tourists.  And when you consider that the total population of Canada is only about 35 million, this means that one out of every 35 Canadians has been to Castrogonia this year.

Spanish tourists have slid down the list to eighth place, down about 14% from last year.  This decline can be attributed to Spain’s ruined economy.

All in all, a revealing snapshot of one of the most peculiar crimes against humanity in all of history.


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  1. Note that Venezuela is not on the list, and that Mexico is the top Latrine source of tourists. Spaniards are still far more likely to “do” Cuba than their next-door neighbors the Portuguese. The Middle East seems very uninterested, and so does Japan and Scandinavia.

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