An increase in repression for dissidents in Santiago de Cuba

A report from Martí News on the increasing repression against dissidents by the supposedly reformed totalitarian apartheid dictatorship of the Castro family:

Repression increases against dissidents in Santiago de Cuba

Three members of the opposition group, Patriotic Union of Cuba, remain detained.

Riot troops stand in front of dissident's house in Palma Soriano, Cuba
Riot troops stand in front of dissident’s house in Palma Soriano, Cuba

Of the 25 human rights activists arrested last Tuesday in Palma Soriano, Victor Campa, Pedro Campa, and Yerolandis Calderin, all members of the opposition organization Patriotic Union of Cuba, remian in a provincial detention center in Santiago de Cuba.

The arrests occurred at dawn on Tuesday when 26 uniformed military officers arrived at the homes of UNPACO activists living in the La Ceiba in Palma Soriano. After a thorough search of some of the homes and confiscating computers, discs, documents, and money, the dissidents were taken to the police station in the town for a few hours, explained UNPACU activist Rodolfo Hernandez Guerrero.

Three detainees were taken to Santiago de Cuba and the rest released hours later, Hernandez said, adding that he could spoke with them during the time they were at the station and found that none of the detainees were given a reason for the arrest and the raids.

The activist called the police proceeding a violation of citizens’ rights and filed a lawsuit Provincial Office in Santiago de Cuba, stating that he wasn’t present during the police raid of the home. He alleges that the police “stole” a computere with an estimated value of  $500, discs, a radio, curtains, blankets, bedding and two thousand euros a sister had given him to be exchange in the Casa de Cambio (CADECA), or foreign exchanges, explained Hernandez.

Meanwhile Yoanna Benitez, wife of Victor Campa, ensures that both the police and the riot troops committed excesses in their home, where there are two minors.

Six gun toting soldiers broke down the door and entered the home, checking everything, but never saying why they were there, said Benitez, who left the scene to prevent the two minor girls from witnessing the events.

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