#FreeElCritico: Imprisoned dissident rapper in Cuba punished for this thoughts

In Castro’s Cuba there is no greater crime than the belief that you have the right to think and express yourself freely.

Via Pedazos de la Isla:

“El Critico” punished in prison for his ideas while his wife is persecuted in the streets

Angel Yunier Remón Arzuaga, the rapper best known as “El Critico” who has been unjustly imprisoned in the Eastern town of Bayamo since March 2013, has not received medical attention after carrying out a 27-day long hunger strike and being returned to Las Mangas Prison, despite suffering various health complications, among them chronic gastritis.  In addition, this week penal authorities suspended family visits for the young musician.

Yudisbel Roseyo, wife of  Remon, informs in the following audio that the suspension of the visits took place after he refused to shave his beard as a sign of protest and after he painted his sheets with the word “change”.

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  1. Can you imagine if the same thing happened in apartheid South Africa? Every entertainment celebrity imaginable would be foaming at the mouth and/or tearing their garments in outrage, each one desperately trying to outdo the others in showing solidarity. But in Castro’s Cuba? Crickets.

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