Alan Gross’ Wife Fights For Release Of Husband Jailed In Cuba

Alan Gross’ wife Judy was on FOX News this afternoon where they highlighted a letter to Obama that Gross himself recently wrote asking Obama to get involved in securing his release.

Don’t hold your breath…

1 thought on “Alan Gross’ Wife Fights For Release Of Husband Jailed In Cuba”

  1. Suspend all flights between Miami and Havana, all Western Union remittances, and “cultural exchanges” and you’ll see how quick those two miserable pimps release him. Yet, what has USA done, NOTHING. However, they do run with the swat team to return escaped kids back to Castrolandia Sect Camp at Castro’s demands, that they do.

    A lot of people say Fidel is a genius, I will say he is very smart, but he only comes across as a genius because Americans have demonstrated to be condescending idiots. Myopic backstabbing idiots who are simply lucky to still have enough military might to be able to fix the very crap they provoke, if that.

    Reagan aside, USA’s foreign policy since WWII has been a total screw up. Even WWII, there was no reason to keep Stalin around, hand him half of Europe, and allow communism to spread all over the world as a result. Liberation of Europe my d*ck, it was no more than the securing of a couple markets. That said, I would bet that had Reagan never been president the USSR would still be there.

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