Quote of the Day – Fidel Castro is my god

Today’s Quote of the Day comes from none other than Elian Gonzalez, the little boy who fourteen years ago was rescued from Miami’s rabid Cuban exile community who wanted to brainwash him and use him as a political football and returned safely to his father and the benevolent slave plantation island owned by the Castro family known as Cuba.

Via Quinquenio de Luz (my translation):

“I do not profess to adhere to any religion, but if I did, my god would be Fidel Castro.”

Just imagine where this poor boy would be today if Janet Reno and Bill Clinton had not stepped in and saved him from a life of freedom and liberty in the United States.

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Fidel Castro is my god”

  1. It’s worse than I thought. Well, he’s more lab rat than person, the way he’s had to live. But don’t blame the repellent old hag who largely did her master’s bidding, and don’t even blame Vil Clinton–he’s a thoroughly political animal, and he did what he knew he could get away with because sticking it to “those people” is not only allowed but applauded. Still, the kid is laying it on a little thick, as in trying too hard; it was already clear that his, uh, orthodoxy is impeccable.

  2. Just a trained rat that speaks what he’s been told to speak, a parrot. Let the “perks” he enjoys stop, and see what he really thinks

  3. It’s not just the perks (which are not just for him but also for his relatives). He is literally state property, and the state expects a good return on its considerable investment in him as a political trophy. He must have gotten the message by now that he MUST perform as required, which is, in fact, his real job. Needless to say, every move he makes is being monitored, and I expect he knows that, too.

  4. Everyone on that island is state property and not even the top minions and performers, the party members, say such servile and exaggerated imbecility for they know they will end up looking like tremendous dumb-asses. Don’t expect this one at the floor of the U.N. Furthermore, worshiping Fidel Castro has never been part of the rehearsed mantra. Fidel always hid behind a fake uniform and the “righteousness” of his self-serving revolution, “the people’s” revolution. The principles of the fraudulent and failed soviet-crafted revolution are the ones that warrant life long sacrifice and that must still be followed blindly and without questioning in order to be good revolutionaries. Fidel is a fellow mortal, the revolution is eternal.

    If there is something these communist cult leaders begrudge from Marx and envy from Muhammed, is that their tool is not a religion that truly runs on collective hypnosis over a higher power that rewards the warrior or the suicidal. No matter how sanctimonious their act may be or how many martyrs and communist saints they may create, show me the money is what runs their show. They know they lack that element and that’s why Chavez went as far as to attempt to hijack Jesus and say that if he had been on this earth during this era, he two would have been a socialist.

    That said, take away the perks and the pads on the back, have him living under the dependable and deplorable misery that’s imposed on everyone (the one that drove his mother to desperation and death), and I want to see how much he will want to worship this god of lies, misery, robbery, oppression, mass-murder, and destruction. Brain washing? I don’t buy it, I see it more as c*ck sucking. After that I would have expected to see him with a real $30 Armani Exchange t-shirt; you know, the type Castro’s sons wear while they sail and “win” golf tournaments.

  5. Gallardo, I agree the purported interview is distinctly over-the-top and could be a concoction written (and transmitted) verbatim by regime operatives, with the kid simply used as a putative mouthpiece. The site is obviously an officialist one, and it could easily be a false front, with photos of “young happy Cubans” who may, in fact, have little or no control over what gets posted, assuming they even have any real connection to the site. I have no doubt that Elian’s answers were at least significantly embellished or doctored up; he does NOT talk that fluently or articulately based on previously shown video of him. But let’s face it, any way you slice it, we’re still talking damaged goods, even if he doesn’t believe a word of the outrageous BS he’s spouting and is simply playing along to keep himself and his relatives well provided for.

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