Elian Gonzalez allowed to travel outside of Cuba for first time since his forced return

I guess this is the Castro dictatorship’s version of an unmanned military drone.

Via CNN:

Elian Gonzalez makes first trip outside Cuba since return from Miami

Elian Gonzalez during the celebration of the 10th anniversary of his return from Miami on June 30, 2010 in Havana, Cuba.

Havana, Cuba (CNN) — Elian Gonzalez, the focus of a bitter international custody dispute after he was rescued at sea as a child, left Cuba on Friday for the first time since 2000, when the U.S. government returned him to the island.

Gonzalez, who also turned 20 on Friday, traveled to Quito, Ecuador, as part of a 200-member Cuban delegation to a weeklong youth conference there.

It marks a return to the international spotlight for Gonzalez, who recently said in an interview published in Cuba’s state-run media that his fame continues to follow him in Cuba.

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5 thoughts on “Elian Gonzalez allowed to travel outside of Cuba for first time since his forced return”

  1. But Elián hasn’t been turned into a political tool or anything. I mean, Fidel promised he wouldn’t be, so it must just LOOK like he’s a zombified propaganda parrot. It’s fine, really. Just ask the Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, if she’s still breathing and lucid. “Those people” always get these things wrong, but you know how they are.

  2. It’s tragic that Cuban Americans don’t have a powerful think tank, a PR machine or some sort of English language publishing house, so that we could at least have the satisfaction of documenting in editorials, opinion pieces or in some scholarly book: WE F ‘ ING TOLD YOU SO!!! People like Bill Clinton, Doris Messinger, Janet Reno, Rev. Joan Brown Campbell, sundry congressmen and that bitch, Katie Couric deserve to have Elian rubbed in their mugs.

    That said, since that will not happen, at this point, I prefer not to hear about this kid anymore. He’s a lost case. Of course, since the mainstream media will not address the white elephant siting in the middle of the room, Elian’s obvious brainwashing, and continues to talk about this as a bitter custody case and nothing more, the boy continues to be a useful propaganda tool for fidel whenever they roll him out as they are doing now.

  3. Ray, even if we did rub it in their faces, they’d just blow it off and maybe get a kick out of it, because we’d be missing the point and they’d still be having the last laugh. It was never about the actual boy for them; they never gave a shit about Elián per se. It was about putting “those people” in their place and teaching them a lesson. They probably knew all along that we were right about what would happen back in Cuba, but that didn’t matter to them and still doesn’t.

  4. Asombra,

    I know that they would just blow it off. They don’t give a shit about Elian and probably did know that he would be brainwashed [you have to be retarded not to know it]. You are right, it was about sticking it to us. What I am I’m saying is that I would like to rub it in their faces in order to humiliate them by showing everyone how wrong they were. Arrogant people like that don’t like to be told that they were wrong, especially by “chihuahuas.” That would hurt them, if there was a campaign to show how utterly wrong, stupid, dense and cruel they were. Remember, they took the moral high ground and claimed that we were the warped and crazy ones. They turned the tables on us and said that we were abusing the child when in fact, they were the only child abusers.

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