Most beautiful sight in the world: Lenin statue toppled in Kiev

Not just toppled, but fervently and gleefully pulverized.

Gotta love those iconoclasts.  Pray for them, too, especially because their corrupt government is still in charge of the Ukraine.

No sight on earth is lovelier than that of a falling idol; no sound sweeter than that of  sledgehammers breaking it into little pieces.

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Even The New York Times deigned the event newsworthy:

KIEV, Ukraine — Protesters in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, toppled the city’s main statue of Lenin on Sunday and then pounded it into chips with a sledgehammer as a crowd chanted and cheered. The destruction of the statue was a cathartic moment in the biggest day of demonstrations so far against President Viktor F. Yanukovich’s turn away from Europe. …

…With the police nowhere to be seen in the city center, protesters in Bessarabia Square toppled the Lenin statue using steel cables and cranks as a crowd gathered to watch. “People were waiting for this for decades,” said one man in the crowd, Leon Belokur. “Now it’s happened.”

He pulled from his pocket a chip of granite. “This is a piece of Lenin’s hand,” he said.

Once the statue was down, men took turns smashing it with the sledgehammer. Onlookers chanted, “Glory to Ukraine!” and cheered the hammerers with cries of “Good job, guys!” as they shielded their faces from flying splinters of stone. One of the hammerers wore his hair in a Mohawk; another was a priest in black vestments. The protesters mounted a Ukrainian flag on the empty pedestal.

Many towns in Ukraine tore down statues of Lenin years ago, erasing monuments to the Soviet communism that had crushed their nation with famine, but the one in Kiev had stood intact until Sunday.

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