Cuba Is Not The “World”

Cuba No Liberty

Here is the story of two Argentine students who visited Cuba recently during Human Rights Day. They got tired of seeing the surreal Cuba that most tourists – like Jay-Z and Beyoncé – love to brag about, and decided to see the real Cuba of the average population and human rights dissidents. For their curiosity, they were detained by the Cuban security apparatus which invoked a pseudo law that requires tourists to limit their interactions to propagandistic activities designed to hide from them the gulag that has imprisoned Cubans for fifty-four years. The Argentine male student said something at the end of the interview that resonated with me: “In Cuba, nothing belongs to the people, but everything belongs to El Comandante.” Moreover, when the Cuban officials warned that he had to be more careful with the views that he held, the student responded that he was used to a world where people were free to think as they pleased. And, the Cuban official responded that while this may be true elsewhere, Cuba was not the “world.” I guess that the late Pope John Paul II’s message to the Cuban people that “Cuba had to open itself to the world” continues to be ignored. I think that with all the hoopla with the statements that Elian Gonzalez has made recently to various media outlets during his visit to Ecuador, it is educational to keep in mind what happened to these two Argentine students. Elian has no other choice but to repeat the propagandistic nonsense that his Cuban handlers have stored on the C:/ drive of his brain.

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