New York Times on lifting Cuba “Embargo” vs Roswell believers on Space Aliens


Regarding the available evidence the Roswell believers (seen above at a convention) win hands down as more rational. Just yesterday the New York Times’ editorial board again went Roswell on the Cuba Embargo:

Mr. Obama should press Congress to end the embargo and overhaul policy toward Cuba. This page has long called for an end to America’s embargo, which has strengthened the hand of Mr. Castro, his brother Fidel and other hard-liners who have used it as an excuse for their disastrous misrule in Havana. And it has hurt the Cuban people whom we claim to want to help…blah…blah.

How much more evidence do they need? The verdict has been long in: Record tourism, record remittances=record repression. Granted, Copernicus and Galileo didn’t immediately win over the mainstream media of their day. But this is ridiculous.


I propose an anti-embargo campaign with the same slogan on t-shirts, buttons and coffee mugs as seen above…

I want to believe that further rewarding and enriching Castro and his henchmen will quickly convert them into Mother Theresas.”


Granted, given their history of Castro boosterism, does the New York Times really want a conversion of that regime? Or it’s welfare?


1 thought on “New York Times on lifting Cuba “Embargo” vs Roswell believers on Space Aliens”

  1. The NYT is married to its perversity and very faithful to it. It will never change unless it has no choice, and even then, it may not be able to overcome its nature. Remember the story of the scorpion and the frog.

    I don’t think the NYT has ever truly regretted its role in empowering Castro and his totalitarian tyranny in Cuba. It has done nothing but dig in its heels and persist in its error, or rather, CRIME.

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