“Barbara y su falso mesías”

Barbara Walters admitted the obvious, i.e. too many people got caught up in Obama the Messiah:

“Barbara Walters said the difficulties engulfing President Barack Obama are a reflection of the let-down people are feeling from the high expectations they had during his earliest days in office when she and others thought he was going to be “the next messiah.”

The 81-year-old broadcast journalist made the remarks during an interview on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live” on Tuesday, after Morgan asked her why Obama is facing so much opposition and why “he is struggling so much to really fulfill the great flame of ambition and excitement that he was elected on originally in 2009?””

Really Miss Waters? It took 5 years to figure this out.

It took Miss Walters 5 years to figure out that a guy who had never managed anything might run into a few problems trying to run the federal government.   Obama had no executive experience, only 2 years in the US Senate, no significant accomplishments in the Illinois Senate and so on.    Obama was totally unprepared for this job.

Wonder what other liberal is going to come out and admit that he or she fell for the false Messiah?

My guess is that more will “come out of the closet”, specially after they learn that The Affordable Health Care Act is not affordable at all.


2 thoughts on ““Barbara y su falso mesías””

  1. Moveon is sending out a letter asking for money because the news media does not have one good thing to say about The Affordable Health Care Act. Can you believe it? Not one good thing? Why, we have thousands of good stories to tell. So and so has Lupus and is getting insurance because of this act.
    Of course it ignores the millions of bad stories about Obamacare.
    It is a letter right wing organizations would be proud of because we are always the ones to talk about how the msm is biased. It is a letter to laugh at because it is so oblivious to what is really going on. But with no shame this ridiculous and bad organization sends it out.

  2. Uh, shouldn’t expecting ANY politician to be “the next messiah” be out of the question? For people who aren’t retarded or delusional, I mean. And who the hell could even remotely care at this point about Barbara Walters, let alone what she thinks?

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