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Charles, Prince of Wales, and his consort Lady Camilla have sent this Christmas card to all those deigned worthy of receiving it.

The photo was taken at the Ascot races in June of this year.

It’s a Rorschach Test of sorts, this image.  It evokes a response from all those who are not so privileged, naturally, much like an “oooooomph” when one is punched in the gut by a professional boxer.

Forget all the ‘income inequality” crap now being promoted by the President of the United States, which is little more than an old and very cheap strategy in the waging of class warfare, the only skill  this president seems to have, or to excel at.

This image is not so much about class as it is about the accident of birth, and the Mega-Quadrillions lottery of geography and genetics.

How can a Cuban exile, or a Cuban in Castrogonia, interpret this image?

Take a stab at it.  Go ahead, even if you are not Cuban.  This Rorschach Test, like all of its kind, grants you plenary exegetical powers.

This Babalu blogger, who was once described by a South American journalist as “the least Cuban-like of all Cubans” that she had ever met, cannot speak for all Cubans.  He is disqualified, and can only speak for himself.

But, if you’d like to know, the image screams out to him an eardrum-busting caption:

“Camilla, dear, isn’t it  fabulous not be Cuban?” 

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro-1730878



9 thoughts on “Rorschach Test of the Day”

  1. Asombra,

    You’re right, we could have avoided this shit if the British had kept us after 1763, heck, it would have even been better if we had not revolted against Spanish rule! In the end, the sad thing is that if we had not been, well, you know, so Latrino, this wouldn’t have happened. Despite the outward appears of everything in pre-59 Cuba being honky dory and peachy king, Cubans were festering with hatred, pettiness and jealousy. All of this was hiding just under the surface. My mother like most Cubans of her generation saw things through rose colored glasses. She talks to me of a Cuba where neighbors used to help neighbors and where love was all around. I think this was a fantasy, since it didn’t take much to bring out unbelievable malice in the masses who used to scream out, ¡PAREDON! As long as your neighbor had his property confiscated, many Cubans were happy. They were too latrino to see that they were next in line.

    Tragically, we’re to blame for this scumbag being in power. And Dr. Eire as usual got it right. That festering piece of shit has brought Cuba down so low. We are a filthy third word cesspool. Perhaps this is why so many people love castro so much and conversely hate exiles so much. castro has turned Cuba into what they thought it was and Cubans inside Cuba are acting the way they think we should act, while Cubans in exile are too prosperous and too uppity for them. We are after all third world people and we should act that way.

  2. Consort sounds a lot more regal than concubine or mistress, doesn’t it?
    How about the caption “They love our fab hats and us for bringing some style and class into their dreary and squalid little lives.”

  3. Bonnie Prince Chuckles reportedly collects toilets. He’s build a mosque on one of his estates, surely just to store yard implements. Surely. He preaches the globaloney warming bullshxx.

    The chica with him is the best thing that happened to him. He wanted to marry her years ago but the old bag with the flower pot on her head nixed it on account of religious differences.

    Not much of a Rohrschach interpretation on my part, I know, but it looks as if they’re having a good time. So long as they’re not engaging in public acts which might frighten the children of the livestock, it’s OK with me.

    But I do wish he’d get off the eco-red BS. It’s toxic to our wealth and liberty.

  4. I bet they would love to shake hands with Castro and hob nob.
    Perhaps I insult them, but my guess is I am on the money on this.

  5. Honey, I think that it’s the other way around. I don’t know if you ever saw the wonderful documentary on the persecution of gay people in Cuba, “Improper Conduct,” but there’s a scene where a gay Cuban says that castro has the spirit of a Grand Marquesa, the way that he walks around with his mug up in the air and how he haughtly looks down on others, etc.…

    Just look at what he’s done in Cuba. He’s removed all of the legitimare oligarghy [families that earned places in Cuba’s history because of their noble ancestry, their role in the war of independence, or their philanthropy] and has installed his trashy family as the country’s sole nobility and heirs to the enitre country. When he first usurped Cuba’s presidency, he had all sorts of starlets going to Cuba, Gina Lollobrigida and Ava Gardener come to mind, but he also invited the late Princess Margaret to Cuba. In his megalomanical swings of fancy, I think that he liked her and probably felt that he could seduce her. To her credit, I don’t think that she ever went or paid attention to the douchebag.

    Despite his nonsense talk about egalitarianism, castro is the biggest elitest in the world and he would love to have someone like Prince Charles and his hussy, Camila, recognize him.

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