Memo to GLAAD


“The decision to suspend Robertson came Wednesday night, hours after an early-morning phone call between A&E executives and GLAAD.”

Talk about an instance of: “control by a tiny but powerful cabal against the wishes of millions of Americans!”


A&E (the History Channel) has run laudatory bios of both Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The regime these communists co-founded is the only one in modern history of the western hemisphere to herd gay men and boys into forced labor camps and torture chambers for the crime of being gay. Best we can tell, Phil Robertson has never advocated anything of this sort. Can you please use your amazing influence over A & E moguls to persuade them to correct their error and atone for their insensitivity in running the laudatory Fidel Castro and Che Guevara Biographies?

A&E can accomplish this in one fell swoop by producing and running a show titled Exposing the Real Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Some excellent books have been published recently that zero in on this very theme with meticulous documentation. Better yet, so many are the lies spread (with A&E’s own help) about Fidel Castro and Che Guevara that an entire series should be planned for a thorough debunking.

Recently one of Babalu’s more backwoods and unenlightened members was overheard sputtering in rage against those “pinko-faggots!” at GLAAD, and their “bitches!” over at A&E. We’re given to understand, however, that quickly upon presentation of a contract for the above-suggested program, this regrettable attitude would quickly morph into one of completely comity.



7 thoughts on “Memo to GLAAD”

  1. But Mariela says it was all the fault of nameless functionaries and that Fidel was just too busy fighting imperialist plots to notice what was going on. And she says Fidel now regrets that, you know, mistakes were made. Besides, Mariela has empowered Cuba’s drag queens, as long as they’re pro-Castro, and now they get to make spectacles of themselves in public just like in San Francisco. I mean, what more do you want?

  2. As for Che, too many “cool” people have been publicly “into” him and worn his image or put it up on their walls to ever admit they were at best ignorant suckers. After all, saving face is far more critical than honoring truth.

  3. The lastest one out of Cuba is that the tyranny is discussing a HISTORIC, yes, HISTORIC law that would protect gay people from being fired at work! This is another HISTORIC reform along the lines of the right to buy pressure cookers or walk into hotel lobbies that you cannot afford to stay in! The regime is really getting mileage out of these absurd reforms [thanks to the shameful, docile and compliant US mainstream media], and I say absurd, because how can it be considered a HISTORIC reform not to be fired at work in a government where human rights are systematically violated? This is no different than to say that gays will not be discriminated against in Stalinist Russia or in Ghenghis Khan’s Mongolia! It’s sort of like making a big deal about curing a sore on the index finger of a leper with an irreversible advanced terminal case of leprosy.

  4. If we want to show that the “Politically Correct” crowd does not have the power to take down someone over what he said, then viewers shall have to vote with their feet.
    In a free market, that A & E is a part of, a show goes on and viewers vote by their viewing and support, tweets, etc.
    Those who do not like A & E’s reaction can stop watching, let the network know they have stopped watching, say they will boycott the products of advertisers, etc. That’s how it works in a free market. This is not the government telling them what someone can say. This is a private entity saying that such language is offensive. If others disagree, they must show their disagreement by being disagreeable to the network.

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