Venenozuela’s Maduro Spends Time with the Coma-andante in Castrogonia:

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“See, Maduro, it says here in the instructions I wrote, in paragraph 73, ‘to assume absolute control, you must first ruin your country’…. pay attention, $#@!%$!”

From The Washington Post

Venezuela’s Maduro Meets With Fidel Castro in Cuba

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says he met with former Cuban leader Fidel Castro in Havana and the two men talked at length about their late friend, Hugo Chavez.

Maduro said Saturday on his personal Twitter account that he traveled to Cuba to meet Castro and celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the regional bloc ALBA, which was founded by Chavez nine years ago.

Venezuela’s president said Castro “talked at length about Chavez” and recalled the first time they met in Havana in 1994. Chavez, Maduro’s mentor, died of cancer in March.

Maduro didn’t say when he arrived in Cuba or how long he would stay.

Maduro, who has close ties to the government of President Raul Castro, also visited Cuba in July.

3 thoughts on “Venenozuela’s Maduro Spends Time with the Coma-andante in Castrogonia:”

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how the mainstream media always pubishes the regime’s carefully crafted photo-opts showing snippets of the beast. Little does it matter that these snippits don’t show the entire picture, a senile, babbling fool that makes no sense. They are crafted to make the beast look coherent and healthy. As in this picture, where he is instructing Maduro.

  2. They just can’t do it, or rather, they won’t. They won’t state the indisputably obvious–unless, of course, it’s safely fashionable to do so, and then they’ll drive it into the ground. It is both deeply disreputable and profoundly pathetic, or at least it would merit pity if it weren’t so disgustingly fraudulent, not to mention noxious. These people are officially and formally supposed to be all about the truth and nothing but, the unvarnished truth, and yet they habitually and consistently keep pulling this same shit, in countless forms and endless variations, affecting all sorts of subjects. It is, in fact, an overriding pathology that colors everything they say and do, and Cuba “reporting” is merely one instance of it. They must be aware of it, at least on some level, but obviously they rationalize it or justify it to themselves, as indeed they must to be able to keep doing it. They also justify it to each other, or find “validation” in the “normalcy” of the practice. But perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps it’s just a cynical career game, and they simply play by its rules to gain or advance, and they don’t really give a shit about truth or consequences.

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