2 thoughts on “Chile’s communists say…”

  1. The communist language is a simple one to understand, everything is the opposite of what is being said, everything is a lie. It is Fraudulent language spoken by the trash, scum, and shameless people of the world also known as shit and it is a staunch enemy of truth.

    The language originated in Europe and became the forced unifying language of Eastern Europe after WWII, speaking truth became illegal as a result. The communist language was abandoned by Eastern Europe in the early 1990s after the language could no longer find words to deny its destructive, inept, and fraudulent reality and speaking truth was soon after legalized.

    Today it is recognized as a national language of Vietnam, Laos, and China yet in no place does it remain as pure and unadulterated as in North Korea and Cuba where the population is forced to read, hear, and practice it daily. Its pure form is also heard in parts of Latrine America by what is locally known as “La izmierda”.

  2. Sure they say that, like they still revere Allende and deeply regret he didn’t get to do in Chile what Castro did in Cuba. Even though Chile (thanks to that awful Pinochet) is now as good as it gets south of the US-Mexico border, it’s still part of Latrine America. It just re-elected the Bachelet woman, who admittedly appears more respectable than over-the-top fashion victim Cretina Kirchner of Argentina, but who’s got zorra written all over her–and just about wet herself with excitement when Fidel deigned to grant her an audience while she was in Havana . Let’s face it, our “brothers” are exceedingly dubious, not to say emetic (look it up if necessary; I can assure you it’ll come in handy sooner rather than later).

    But let’s be fair: a certain FIU professor (surprise!) who is at least technically Cuban has been known, in public and in Miami, to refuse to admit that Cuba is run by a dictator. Alas, no matter what any foreigner says or does, no matter how outrageously revolting, it seems there’s always a Cuban version of the same thing, which obviously makes the latter much, MUCH worse. The Latrines are repellent, but they always have the excuse (which is real enough) that Cuba is not their country, and thus they cannot possibly be expected to care as if it were. What excuse do Cubans, or Cubanoids, have?

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