What can American bartenders learn in Castrogonia?



That  there is no better smokescreen for repression and degradation than a moe-hee-toe….

Yeah, this should really speed up the pace of change in Castrogonia.

From Xinhua:

US bartenders visit Cuba for lessons

HAVANA, Cuba, Dec. 26- A group of bartenders from the United States visited Cuba to learn history and management of the Cuban Bartenders Association (ACC) Christmas Day, Cuba’s Prensa Latina news agency reported.

The bartenders, most of whom were bartending instructors, met with directors of the ACC in Havana.

Chuck Fields, owner of the Paddy Wagon bar in Kentucky, the US, praised the work of the ACC and the quality of Cuban drinks.

Barbaro Vega, president of the ACC, mentioned Cuba’s recent success in bartending, including wins at an international competition and four regional Pan-American championships organized by the International Bartenders Association.

The visit was arranged by the US-based Common Ground Education and Travel Services and the Cuban Friendship Institute.

The ACC, founded in 1924, has over 3,000 members, including 700 women bartenders in Havana.

If you are interested in reading two more drivel-filled paragraphs on the “embargo”  go HERE


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