Reports from Cuba: Elian: The Dauphin Not in Line

By Angel Santiesteban in Translating Cuba:

Elian: The Dauphin Not in Line

This teenager pampered and used by both sides, has had the sad task of erasing and criticizing the dreams of his mother. No mother makes plans for herself, and everything she did was to try to bring her child a future far from this dictatorship that today has been converted into a semi-literate, as can be corroborated in the Tweets that he has sent through the social networks from Ecuador.

He must have inherited the skewed intelligence of his father, who before turning himself into the most loving father ever, was a “fighter” who sold bottle of liquor that he smuggled out of the hotel where he worked in Varadero, and
someone who found it impossible to string together a sentence.

For the most part, those who pay little attention to studying engage in pillaging, and it was the crack he found that turned him into the political pawn of Fidel Castro, who dragged the Cuban people along, in exchange for the excessive expense of the rescue, he cried for the return of the child Elián.

Everyone knows that for Castro, the thing of least interest was the child. His obsession was always the power struggle with the United States and winning, discrediting them before international public opinion. And the caudillo saw the immediate opportunity that presented itself.

Now the dauphin has grown up in the dogmatism and interests of his father, who kept him in a military school (Camilitos), and having been certified as tames, it’s time to repay all the sleepless nights and expenses invested in him, or so think all his ideologues or trainers. They threw him into the ring of the World Youth and Student Festival in Quito to look horns with all who approach him with purposes other than the Cuban governments. Asked to comment on what happens, as if the fact of having survived his ordeal has immortalized him and turned him into an extraordinary being; because as far as studying goes, he shows no effort nor results. Fidel Castro shouldn’t have been allowed to do it so early, he should have demanded better preparation, and he should have send advisors and a personal guard to prevent access to his crazy views and his Tweets with serious spelling errors, that can’t be justified simply by the fashion of abbreviating or changing letters with similar sounds.

In the end, life has proved his mother right: the child would have no future here. The best thing they could do is hide him away again, and so save themselves from the ridicule and bad image, or return him to Miami to be educated.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats

Prison Settlement of Lawton. December 2013.

24 December 2013

3 thoughts on “Reports from Cuba: Elian: The Dauphin Not in Line”

  1. Repugnant, but still interesting. First the Fidel-as-god howler, now “Grandpa” Fidel, “Uncle” Raúl, channeling Clinton with “esos cubanos de Miami” (“those people”), and the bombastically trite “Fatherland is Revolution.” It seems he can only speak in hoary clichés, which he regurgitates with cult-like earnestness. He also has atrocious spelling, but apparently that’s commonplace in the land of “free” education. The overall effect, presumably unintended, is one of Monty Pythonesque parody or satire, only without the humor. The whole thing also evinces the peculiar vulgarity of fraudulent, failed, discredited and dogeared dogma. In other words, we’re talking very bad joke at best.

    So why interesting, as opposed to excruciatingly cringeworthy? Well, it’s overkill, laying it on too thick. There’s no finesse, no modulation, nothing even resembling an intriguing or tolerably elegant ambiguity. The people assigned to him ever since his return to Cuba must have been the regime’s elite handlers all along, yet this is the best they can do? True, one can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, and maybe he proved just too “limited” for anything more subtle, but the results are still remarkably crude.

    Maybe he’s being aimed primarily at a Latrine audience, the kind that would go for a Chávez or an Evita, or maybe his handlers are no more than heavy-handed hacks. However, there’s another possibility, though admittedly an unlikely one. What if he knows he’s being used, knows it’s all bullshit, but figures it’s too dangerous to balk and is deliberately pushing it, flirting with North Korean-style cult-speak to make it inescapably obvious that he’s a programmed parrot? Such a ploy would be deliciously subversive, but I’m afraid it’s also too rich for his blood, too sophisticated. There is, after all, the little matter of his dubious DNA–the shifty, shady father and the ghastly grandmothers. Never mind, then; it’s bound to be wishful thinking.

  2. You don’t actually believe that Elian has unrestricted access to a Twitter account, do you?

    Better yet, do you really believe that Elian actually wrote any of this stuff himself?

  3. Nobody said anything about unrestricted access or unsupervised public statements. He’s never left to his own devices or unattended; the trophy, after all, didn’t come cheap. However, if his minders are confident that they’ve turned him into a true believer, they may allow him to “improvise” or get “creative” within certain parameters, so that he could conceivably get approval for pushing the envelope of zombified minionspeak. They might see that as confirmation of their success in brainwashing him, as well as a testimony to their effectiveness that would impress their superiors. However, as I said, he’s not likely to be that clever and cunning. He’s quite young, has had a very sheltered life, and I expect the brainwashing has been effective enough. I also expect the apple most probably didn’t fall far from the paternal tree.

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