Magazine Celebrates Mass Murderer Che

 Magazine “The Nation” Selling Che Merchandise

Ironically, the motto of this online shopping site aimed at highly educated affluent liberals is “The unexamined gift is not worth giving.”

Talk about unexamined!  Talk about misquoting Socrates for all the wrong reasons! (“The unexamined life is not worth living”).

Once again, overpriced Che merchandise is being offered to “intellectuals”– trinkets that playfully celebrate a man who loved to kill real intellectuals (along with gays and anyone he simply did not like.)  A couple of years ago The Metropolitan Museum gift shop in New York City was hawking one such item –the Che watch– but after receiving a few consciousness-raising letters and phone calls from victims of Che, the item was pulled.

So, here we go ….  Humberto, get ready!

Can’t get your fill of blood, gore, and cruelty?  Feeling nostalgic about what went on in your tent during Occupy Wall Street?  Feeling a bit of  rage against property owners, black people, Mexicans and gays rising in your throat?  Hankering for objects manufactured in sweat shops by oppressed and exploited third-world people?  Go get yourself some Che merchandise.  If Che is not enough for you, check out the Karl Marx merchandise.

The Nation will gladly sell you the following items in exchange for a few capitalist bank notes (text taken straight from their web site):

che pup

Che Guevara Finger Puppet $5.95
We may not know where Castro is these days, but we know where Che Guevara is: on your finger as a magnetic finger puppet! On your finger, he’s a puppet; on your fridge, he’s a magnet; in your puppet collection he incites the others to rise against their capitalistic oppressors!

Approx. 4″ tall. But not too short to stand up for the poor and oppressed.

Go HERE for Che finger puppet


Che Watch $35.95
People remember Che Guevera for being a bold leader and tireless crusader for the poor and oppressed. But people who really knew him were most impressed by his punctuality. If you asked him to attack the Las Mercedes garrison at noon, he wouldn’t show up at 11:58 or 12:07. He’d be there at twelve on the nose! And to commemorate this little-known side of Che, we offer the Che Watch. It’s an incredibly handsome and well-made timepiece, featuring the word ?Revolution? revolving around a dramatic rendering of Che himself.

Go HERE for Che “Guevera” Watch (spelling error courtesy of The Nationmart)


 Che Guevara “Little Thinker” Doll  $18.95
Che Guevara was many things. He was a rebel, an adventurer, a statesman, a civil rights leader and a revolutionary. And now he’s a cute doll thanks to our Che Guevara Little Thinker Doll. The Che Doll stands about 12-inches tall and comes dressed in green khakis, black boots and belt, plus his trademark beret. It’s as adorable, appealing and cuddly as the real Che was intense, violent, and cuddly. Che was known for fighting for just causes, and you should buy one just, well, ?cause.

Go HERE for Che Doll


Che Guevara Card $3.50 each
Our die-cut cards are a revolution in stationery. Each card comes with its own unique sticker sheet filled with both funny sayings and quotes and traditional messages like “Happy Birthday” and “Happy Anniversary.” Comes with envelope.

[The sticker sheet contains more than traditional messages like “Happy Birthday”: it also provides you with Che quotes such as “The true revolutionary is filled with great feelings of love”, etc… (Missing from the quotes: “Don’t shoot!  I’m more valuable to you alive than dead!”… or his racist rants….or his poetic celebrations of hate, bloodshed, and cruelty)…]

Go HERE for the Che card.


7 thoughts on “Magazine Celebrates Mass Murderer Che”

  1. “The Nation” knows its customers and is simply being a good capitalist. All these people need is for something to be fashionably PC or “progressive” and they’re on it–and no, they’re not interested in digging beneath the surface. They just want to be “in” and “cool” and “with-it,” at least in their minds and in the eyes of their crowd, which naturally consists of like-minded types. They are heavily insulated by smug, arrogant delusions of superiority and by ironclad self-righteousness, and they can get plenty of “validation” for feeling that way–from “The Nation,” for instance. Absolutely par for the course.

  2. Good thing the hunting season’s keeping my mind focused on issue much less exasperating. But Asombra’s right. There’s nothing at all hypocritical about The Nation offering such stuff. They’re Stalinist from WAY back.

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