Fidel Castro’s originality


“Everything within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” (Benito Mussolini, Doctrine of Fascism, 1932)

“Dentro de la revolución todo, fuera de ella nada”, (“Everything within the Revolution, nothing outside of it.”) Fidel Castro June 16, 1961

In an intellectually sane world this coincidence of phraseology would merit more attention.

Mind you, though Benito Mussolini coined the term “totalitarian”(and Fidel Castro greatly admired him and copped from him) life in Fascist Italy was a walk in the park compared to life under any communist regime. Fascist levels of police repression and control over all aspects of life never approached Communist levels.

In his fabulous book “O America! When You and I were Young!” Luigi Barzini mentions a fascinating datum: After living in New York for two years he returned to Italy in 1926. This wasn’t unusual, he writes. Indeed, one-third to one-half of the Italian immigrants to the US in that period returned to Italy . That was Fascist Italy, by the way. Ever heard of many people voluntarily returning to life under communism?

I’ve always said that calling Fidel Castro a “Fascist!” is a hideous insult to Mussolini.

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  1. You’re absolutely correct Humberto. Fascism is not has horrible as communism. Communism tears everything out from the roots, it destroys the country’s culture, religion, way-of-life, steals and hordes all wealth for itself and creates massive poverty.

    Cuba today is a mere shadow of what it once was. Even the demographics of the country has changed! Long gone are the Galicians, Asturians, Catalans, Basques, and Canarians [and a large part of their descendants] that were the main cultural ingredient of Cuba and created the country that our parents and grandparents were born in.

    A friend of mine–who’s a real intellectual and deep thinker–was telling me that castro has impoverished Cuba culturally. He says that when he was growing up, before castro’s rise to power–there was a culinary culture in Cuba that was so rich. He was telling me of some desserts that could be traced back to the French immigrants to Cuba and how it would take days to create these desserts that relied on cooking and allowing the natural juices of certain fruits to sit there and thicken and grow in flavor. All of that culinary history is gone. In a country where naturally grown foods are exported and the natives are left to scurry about looking for whatever they can find, the luxury to create sumptuous dishes is replaced by the necessity to find anything to put on the table.

    Also, in a country where all middle class values are exfoliated, vulgarity replaces manners. Even raul castro had to talk about how vulgar the country has become. Of course, he and his brother were the one’s that created that vulgarity, but, nevertheless, its out there and the regime has had to recognize what is apparent to even the most casual observer. All that one has to do is to look at film footage of Cuba before castro and compare it to now and the difference is clear to the naked eye. The people look as if you took the worst ghetto in New York City and despersed them all over Havana. The best way to describe them: loud, raucous, aimless, trashy.

    Mussolini loved the Italian people and he used to praise them, their history and their accomplishments. castro hates the Cuban people. All that he has ever done is denigrate Cubans, put them down and has spent 55 years trying to erase our past accomplishments as if we had been a country of jungle people before he gave us civilization. It’s really quite sickening.

    So, no, there is no comparison between Fascism and communism. castro is the absolute worst thing that could ever have happened to us. castro doesn’t love Cuba and he doesn’t feel Cuban. Mussolini at least felt Italian and at some level cared for the Italians. The nearest thing to castro is a virus. A virus attacks its host and mercelessly destroys it. The only purpose of a virus is to propagage itself and to benefit at the expense of the unfortunate host to whom the virus has no sense of loyalty, gratitude or compassion.

  2. I knew Fidel had ripped off Hitler’s Mein Kampf for the “history will absolve me” line, but I didn’t know he’d also ripped off Mussolini (though that’s perfectly in character and not at all surprising). He is known to have avidly read the writings of both those dictators, just as he was once very into Franco and his Falangist party. The bottom line is that he always craved great autocratic power, so he naturally admired those who had managed to achieve it. However, he was also smart enough to go with what was most likely to get him what he wanted at any given time, and when “his time” arrived, the best bet was Soviet-style communism. The specifics of the ideology were not what really mattered to him; he would have gone with whatever offered the best chance of putting him in absolute control and keeping him there. Needless to say, any hint of a Hitler of Mussolini connection in a right-wing dictator would be seized upon BIG time and never given a rest, but as always, very different standards are used with leftist despots.

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