King Raul celebrates anniversary of his family’s ruthless takeover of Cuba


Well, you knew it would happen.  No surprise here.

King Raul presided over celebrations yesterday that marked  55 years of autocratic totalitarian dynastic rule by the Castro family in Cuba.  And the so-called news media of  the free world felt compelled to report on it, employing the usual worn out cliches.   Raul is a “leader” or “president”.  Fulgencio Batista was a “US-backed ruler.”  The hijacking of the Cuban nation by a pair of sociopaths was a “revolution.”  And, of course, the “embargo” has to be mentioned, along with all of Raul’s “reforms.”

Did he say anything new?  No, not really.  But perhaps he seems to sense that his days are numbered, and that his slaves may be tired of listening to “revolutionary” platitudes, such as this one plagiarized from Abraham Lincoln, in which a lame attempt is made to drape a humanitarian mantle over  his family’s bloody dynastic enterprise.

«Nunca podrán olvidar que esta es la revolución socialista de los humildes, por los humildes y para los humildes». (Never forget that this is a socialist revolution of the humble, by the humble, and for the humble).

Of course, as he sees it, all threats to his “socialist” utopia have to come from imperialist capitalist superpowers, not from his own slaves.

Here is the BBC’s predictable take on this dismal anniversary celebration.

Cuba Leader Raul Castro warns of ‘subversive campaign’

Cuban President Raul Castro has warned that Cuba is confronting “ideological and political subversion aimed at toppling its socialist system”.

In a speech commemorating the 55th anniversary of the Cuban revolution, Mr Castro said “global power centres” were “subtly introducing neo-liberal and neo-colonial thinking” into Cuba.

But the president said he was confident the country “would emerge victorious”. He was speaking in Santiago, where his brother Fidel declared victory in 1959.

Fidel Castro and his 9,000-strong guerrilla armyoverthrew US-backed ruler Fulgencio Batista on 1 January 1959….

“It’s been 55 years of constant struggle against the plans of 11 US administrations, that with varying hostility, have not stopped in their goal to change the economic and social regime brought about by the revolution,” he said.

Cuba has long blamed the US and the trade embargo it has been enforcing since 1960 for the island’s economic woes.

But in Wednesday’s speech Mr Castro acknowledged mistakes had been made: “The revolution’s programme will be updated every five years so that it can always answer to the true interests of the people and promptly correct any errors.”

Mr Castro has been implementing a series of economic reforms since he took over from his brother, including easing regulations on loans, home and car ownership, and loosening travel restrictions.

More HERE.

For a less predictable report — with nauseating quotes from Raul’s speech–  go to ABC Spain HERE. (In Spanish)

* UPDATE, thanks to Humberto Fontova:   “9,000-strong guerrilla army,” CONYOOOO! (In fact it never numbered over 400!)

2 thoughts on “King Raul celebrates anniversary of his family’s ruthless takeover of Cuba”

  1. Mr. Trifecta: faux president, faux general and very probably faux Castro–but all bastard, like his (half) brother. As for the BBC and its numerous worldwide “clueless” analogs, they’re painfully embarrassing at best. I mean, that ridiculously inflated “army” number, for instance, is pure Herbert Matthews, and recycling bullshit that old is beyond disreputable. But no, the BBC and similar “sources” are not really clueless–just corrupt.

    As for “Nunca podrán olvidar,” Mr. Trifecta is right about that, but not about what will never be forgotten, at least by decent Cubans with a modicum of dignity. The appalling vulgarity of such cynically self-serving BS is absolutely disgusting. Yeah, Cubans will never forget, just like people still talk about the bubonic plagues of the Middle Ages. Lord, the shame of belonging to a country that ruined itself over such cheap, fraudulent and illegitimate trash.

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