Castrogonian ambassador welcomed at the Vatican


If the Castro Kingdom ever ceases to exist and democracy is restored to the island of Cuba, many Cubans should be held accountable for the crime of running and representing that criminal outlaw regime.

After all, the Castro brothers could not have ruled as kings without the support of thousands of lackeys who were willing accomplices.

Every ministry, every embassy abroad requires an elite corps dedicated to sustaining the rule of the Castro brothers.

Meet one of the most despicable of these lackeys: a career diplomat who has lived the high life abroad while promoting the interests of the Castro regime.

The Castro Kingdom has a new ambassador to the Holy See. On Monday morning, Pope Francis welcomed Rodney Alejandro López Clemente, to the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace.  The new ambassador was accompanied by an entourage of veiled women.

Lopez-Clemente replaces  Eduardo Delgado Bermúdez, who had served as Castrogonia’s ambassador to the Vatican since 2009.

Lopez Clemente — one-time director of the Communist Youth (Juventud Comunista)in the Castro Kingdom –has decades of diplomatic experience. He has represented the murderous Castro dictatorship in the United Kingdom, India, Afghanistan, Romania, Germany, Italy and the United Nations.

At the United Nations, in 2005, Lopez Clemente denounced Radio and TV Marti as “an illegal subversive operation that aims to destabilze Cuban society.”

As a gift the ambassador gave the Pope a really cheap handmade nativity scene.  In return Pope Francis gave the ambassador and his entourage a medal of his pontificate.

Full report in Spanish at Cafe Fuerte.    Includes a video of the obscene event.

2 thoughts on “Castrogonian ambassador welcomed at the Vatican”

  1. Veiled women? Nice touch–for 1959. Reminds me of the religious paraphernalia Fidel and his people conspicuously wore around their necks at the very beginning, to reassure the sheep as they were herded to slaughter. Well, Castro, Inc. is still stuck in a time warp, so the veils fit. But yes, the whole business is an obscene travesty. If the pope is going to go through this kind of thing, the least he can do is to make sure there are no photos or video of it, same as with the infamous meeting between Benedict XVI and Nosferatu in Havana. The Vatican owes the Cuban people that modicum of consideration.

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