Farewell, Comrade: Bon-Vivant Castronoid Monsignor dies…


…And King Raul places flowers on his grave.

Monsignor Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y Garcia-Menocal, the great-great grandson of the great Cuban patriot of the same name who led the revolt against Spain in 1868 has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 77.

He was Episcopal Vicar of Havana’s Archbishopric and director of the General Secretariat of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba, as well as the foreign minister of the Archbishopric.  He also once served as rector of the diocesan seminary.

On his mother’s side, he was also related to another prominent Cuban family, the Menocals, and to Mario Garcia Menocal, who fought against Spanish rule and served as president of Cuba from 1913 to 1921.

Unlike his illustrious ancestors, the deceased Cuban cleric did his utmost to ensure that the Cuban people remain enslaved by an oppressive regime.  And that regime appreciated his efforts immensely.

His younger brother, Manuel Hilario de Céspedes y García-Menocal, is bishop of Matanzas and also a rabid supporter of the Castro dictatorship.

According to reports from the Castronoid press, the monsignor’s funeral at St. Augustine church (this blogger’s parish in Havana) was officiated by Cardinal Jaime Ortega and attended by several of the ruling elite of Castrogonia, including Esteban Lazo, president of the rubber-stamp communist party “parliament “(National Assembly), Ricardo Alarcon, former president of said “parliament” and close associate of Raul Castro, and Caridad Diego, director of the Office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the Communist party.

[Wait a minute…. an office of religious affairs of the central committee of the Communist party?….???…. Yes: proof positive that the religious hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Castrogonia is tightly controlled from the very top of the repressive government hierarchy].


Flowers from Raul Castro were placed on his grave at Colon cemetery, along with flowers from Miguel Barnet, president of the censorship-enforcing Union of Cuban Writers and Artists, and flowers from long-time Castro sycophant Alicia Alonso, director of the National Ballet of Cuba.  As can be seen in the photo below (from a Castronoid web site), the Cuban flag at Colon cemetery flew at half mast.  It is estimated that over 600 people attended the funeral.


Back in 2012, José Martí Blog had this to say about the recently deceased ecclesiast:

This Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, the great-great grandson of the Father of Our Country, would be the black sheep of any family. An Epicurean rather than a Catholic (not that the two are incompatible in practice), Céspedes drives a Mercedes-Benz and owes a multimillion dollar art collection acquired after 1959 by exploiting the misfortunes of his ertswhile social equals. His worst crime as a Cuban and as a priest, however, was to inform against Father Miguel Angel Loredo, who spent 10 years in prison as a “counter-revolutionary” because Céspedes resented his popularity and viewed him as a potential rival. (It would be impossible to summarize in a few words the utter vileness of the elder Céspedes.)

The elder Céspedes was never elevated to the episcopacy, which may have something to do with his open co-habitation with a “dear friend.” Or perhaps his sin was to be unapologetic about his personal conduct. He once wrote an article for a church publication Palabra Nueva advocating civil unions for homosexuals and greater tolerance within the church for their “rights.” The article, published in the July-August 2007 issue, long ago disappeared from the digital archives of the magazine and now Msgr. Céspedes is restricted to writing paeans to Che Guevara in Granma, where he regrets that he never met the Argentine psychopath and homophobe, which is like a Jew regretting having never made Hitler’s acquaintance.

You doubt the monsignor’s adulation of Che?  At another blog, the following quote from the elder Céspedes’s Granma Che article can be found:

Almost everything about Che should be contemplated in the light of his consistent and radical actions in defense of the poor; of his passion for what we used to call “social justice.” So consistent and radical was his passion, so razor-sharp, that it led him to make the offering of his own life. And when an upright man goes to those extremes, the disagreements with him acquire another tone, because such a man deserves not only respect, but deep admiration.”

3 thoughts on “Farewell, Comrade: Bon-Vivant Castronoid Monsignor dies…”

  1. Well, he can be with Che now, as he apparently wanted. No one who supports a perverse and ungodly totalitarian monstrosity like Castro, Inc. has any business as a priest, let alone a prelate. It is a mockery and a scandal, but then again, the RCC, certainly in the case of Cuba, has a very high tolerance for scandal.

  2. And did the pink prelate feel any respect for all those Che had summarily executed and their loved ones? Or did he merely regret, like Jane Fonda, never having been f****d by St. Ernesto of the T-shirts? ASCO.

  3. If someone of such distinguished lineage can sink so low, it’s no wonder so many Cubans joined him in the sewer.

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