The Ballad of Julia Sweig


Our dear friend Julia Sweig and her Council on Foreign Relations have arranged a Cuba junket for former Senator and Governor Bob Graham, ostensibly for discussions about the Castro dynasty’s oil drilling ventures.

Graham claims that the objective of this encounter in Castrogonia is to ensure that all Cuban drilling be “safe.”   Yeah, sure.  The Council on Foreign Relations always has the best interests of the USA in mind, especially when it concerns the Castro regime.  Sure.

This trip smells like another Sweigish let’s-do-what-we-can-to-bolster-the-Castro-regime scheme.  And some in the USA  have probably caught a whiff of dollar musk in her skunk cabbage stew.


Despite the fact that the Russians, the Spaniards, and the Brazilians have struck out in their search for petroleum off the coast of Cuba, there are probably many Americans eager to give it a go.

Lift the embargo, find the oil, and bingo, billions and trillions of dollars.  The Canadians make money off Cuban natural resources and slave labor.  So do the Spanish hotel chains. Hey, where’s our slice of the pie?

Jed Clampett wanna-be’s all of ’em.  Itchin’ to cash in on the bubblin’ crude.   This brings to mind a certain ballad


Come and listen to the story ’bout a man named Graham.
The ol’ politician was a-hankerin’ for a scam.
One day he was out anglin’ for some cash.
An’ up through the think tank came Julia in a flash.

Sweig, that is, Castro drudge, queen of spin.

Well the next thing ya know, Graham and Sweig are millionaires.
Exiles said “Graham, better say some prayers.”
Said “deals with Castro are never ever swell.”
So Graham said “Cubans, you can all go straight to hell.”

Carajo that is.  Ignominy, disgrace.

Well now it’s time to say g’ bye to Graham and all his kin.
And Julia too, fer her Castro-lovin’ spin.
You’re both a’ lookin’ to cash in on their oil,
And keep ’em on their throne ’till we’re buried in the soil.

Dead ‘n gone, that is. Set a spell, trash your conscience.

Y’all go ‘way now, y’hear?.


Castronoid Cuba “Expert” Julia Sweig Organizes Oil Drilling Cuba Junket for Bob Graham

Former U.S. Senator and Florida Gov. Bob Graham is part of an American contingent traveling to Cuba on Monday to explore the communist nation’s oil drilling plans.

Graham, the keynote speaker at the Everglades Coalition conference at the Naples Beach Hotel & Golf Club on Saturday evening, said he will be joining about a dozen others, including prominent offshore oil industry experts, for the trip, which is being coordinated by the Council on Foreign Relations.

At least four exploratory wells drilled off Cuba’s northern shore over the last two years have come up dry, but the island nation’s goal is to attain energy self-sufficiency by tapping into the 4.6 billion to 9.3 billion barrels of oil believed to be offshore.

“It’s very important for the nation, and particularly important for Florida that any drilling done in that area be done at a very high standard of safety and with the capability to respond if there is an accident,” Graham said Saturday afternoon, while relaxing at the hotel’s beachfront restaurant.

“The reason for the trip,” he said, “is to talk to the Cubans, try to better understand what their plans are, what their capabilities are, and, frankly, how the international community … can cooperate in a way to ensure that Cuba drills at the highest level of international safety standards.”

Graham was co-chair of the National Commission on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling established by President Barack Obama after the April 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The commission’s other co-chair, William K. Reilly, a former EPA administrator, is also part of Monday’s trip, Graham said.

The trip is being coordinated by Julia E. Sweig, a senior fellow at the CFR, Graham said. They are expected to return to the U.S. on Friday.

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