On Its Way to Broadway, For Sure: Hugito, The Musical


It had to happen.

Betcha that Che will be a character, just as in “Evita.”   Less certain is whether the character of Fidel will wear a colostomy bag or whether the character of Raul will be a cross-dressing whip-wielding dominatrix.

Start booking your flight to Belarus right now.  The whole world will be flying to Minsk when the curtain rises on the premiere.

And you will surely want to boast: “I saw it before it came to Broadway.”

The late Chavez with his Belarusian blood brother Lukashenka

From Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty

Don’t Cry For Me, Venezuela: Chavez Musical In The Works In Belarus

By RFE/RL’s Belarus Service January 13, 2014

MINSK — Music lovers in Belarus will soon be treated to a show honoring the life of late Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez.

The Belarusian Music Theater has announced it is working on a Spanish-language musical in collaboration with Venezuelan artists.

“In Memory of Hugo Chavez” is scheduled to premiere this summer in Minsk and later in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas.

The Minsk-Novosti news agency reported that the music would be composed by Gerardo Estrada, the first secretary of the Venezuelan Embassy in Belarus and a seasoned musician.

Olga Gudazhnikava, a spokeswoman for the theater, told RFE/RL that the musical’s director was currently unavailable for comment.

The news from Minsk will come as no surprise to those who have witnessed Chavez’s own musical antics and knew of his friendship with Belarusian strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka…

..Chavez’s fierce anti-American rhetoric and melodramatic style earned him the admiration of the iron-fisted Lukashenka, who referred to Latin-American leader as his brother and invited him to the former Soviet country on five occasions.

The two nations have retained close ties since Chavez’s death, with Belarus helping Venezuela develop its vast oil and gas fields.

A park in Minsk was named after him last week.

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