Will Pope Francis Bring About the Release of Alan Gross?

Two Secretaries of State, One Mission ?
Two Secretaries of State, One Mission ?

Maybe.  And perhaps he is being set up to do much more than that in regard to Castrogonian relations with the USA.

Secretary of State John Kerry met with his counterpart at the Vatican, Archbishop Pietro Parolin, to push for papal involvement in the Alan Gross case.

As everyone knows, Castrogonia insists that Gross is a hostage who will not be released from his dungeon unless the US exchanges him for the four remaining “Cuban five” spies who are still serving their prison sentences.

President Obama has not yet made the swap, despite increased pressure from various influential entities, and the question arises: why not?  After all, his approach to foreign policy is simple and predictable: to always cave in to the demands of enemies and to betray allies. His behavior in the Gross case thus far runs against the grain.  Why is it so?

Does he fear some kind of backlash or too much loss of face, especially when his popularity ratings are in the cellar?  Does he fear that it will make him look weaker than he already seems?   Or is there some other reason, closer to the well-known Obama strategy of never letting a crisis go to waste?

How’s this for a scenario?:  Pope Francis gets Alan Gross freed in exchange for the four Castro spies, and, on top of that, orchestrates the restoration of US/Castro diplomatic ties, along with the lifting of the embargo.  And it will all make Obama look so righteous and compassionate rather than weak, all because of the glow lent to the whole deal by Pope Francis’s halo.

Such speculation is not far-fetched.  Keep in mind that all of these items are linked together, since Gross is often cited by the Obama administration as the greatest obstacle to “reconciliation.”

… And don’t forget the the Vatican has easy access to Raul through the reprehensible boot-licking Cardinal Ortega, who has already proven his mettle as a deal-maker who will screw the Cuban people and –at the same time — make all the screwing look like a holy work of mercy.


From Haaretz:

Kerry to Vatican: Help free Jewish-American jailed in Cuba

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday asked the Vatican to help win the release of a Jewish-American contractor Alan Gross who has been in a Cuban jail since 2009.

Kerry, the first Catholic U.S. secretary of state in more than 30 years, stopped at the Vatican on his way to Kuwait to hold talks with Pope Francis’ top aide, Secretary of State Archbishop Pietro Parolin.

The talks mostly centered on the Middle East and efforts to bring an end to the Syrian civil war ahead of a peace conference in Geneva later this month.

“We talked also about Cuba and the need for respect for freedom of religion and freedom of, and respect for, human rights,” Kerry told reporters after the meeting.

“I raised the issue of Alan Gross and his captivity, and we hope very much that there might be able to be assistance with respect to that issue,” he said….

….The Gross case is a “crucial point” in restoring ties between the United States and Cuba, a State Department spokesman said last Friday in Havana.

Read the entire article HERE.

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  1. Ya viene llegando…I think your analysis is spot on. (and it’s a Babalu Blog exclusive. No “expert” comes close. Remember that, folks. So bookmark this post for future “I-told-you-soing” by Dr Carlos.) There’s only so much “embargo-lifting” the executive branch can do legally, of course. But he’ll give it his best.

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