American Catholic Bishop Visits Castrogonia….


…. and, apparently, according to one news report, he is more interested in making sure that Cuban Catholics learn how NOT to become rapacious capitalists during this “time of changes” than in helping them rid themselves of the oppressive godless tyranny that enslaves them all.

Not one word about dissidents, or options beyond those offered by the Castro dynasty.  Just muffled, thickly veiled references to “civil society” … and lots of finger-wagging about “engagement” being better than “isolation” in the promotion of human rights.

It could be that the web site reporting on his pastoral visit is cherry-picking the prelate’s remarks.  Quite possible.

But the slant, the slant.  The constant slant.  The constant shrouding of horrendous realities under thick mantles of pious-sounding babble that borders on heresy or actually crosses the line.  The constant publication — in print or on line — of this sort of truly unchristian negation of the crime against humanity that is Castrogonia.

It’s like Chinese water torture, or worse, for if you happen to be a Catholic, it not only edges you closer to insanity day by day, but is a supreme test of faith, comparable to the worst of demonic assaults.

For the details of Bishop Mantz’s pastoral career go HERE.


US Prelate Visits Castrogonia

A Chicago auxiliary bishop is visiting two Cuban dioceses to examine pastoral projects that have received funding from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

“It is important that the Church in the United States support the Church in Cuba, especially during this time of changes,” said Bishop John Manz. “The Church in Cuba wants to make sure that as people open businesses they learn about Catholic social teaching and the primacy it gives to the human person in the economy. We also want to support the Church in Cuba as it is recognized in civil society for the insights about the human person that it brings to the table.”

“Of special importance for our Subcommittee [on the Church in Latin America] is our ability to ensure that our financial support to the different dioceses in Cuba is transmitted smoothly and gets to the beneficiaries promptly,” he added. “The people in Cuba need our help and we will continue to support them in whatever way we can as the Catholic Church has always believed that engagement, rather than isolation, is the best way to improve human rights and move forward in our relations with the island nation.”

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  1. The true church consists of the faithful, which excludes those acting in bad faith, whatever their rank may be. Purveyors of bad faith deserve neither respect nor allegiance, again regardless of rank, for they are effectively fraudulent, if not worse. Unfortunately, an awful lot of bad faith has been displayed over Cuba, and I personally reject anybody guilty of that. Cardinal Bertone, for instance, is loathsome to me, and would remain so even if he were to become pope. As I see it, the least one can expect of a priest is that he do no harm, so if he can’t or won’t truly help Cuba, he should just leave it alone.

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